From Feeling Unloved to Hugged

From Feeling Unloved to Hugged

I have a client whose mother died when she was still a baby, and her dad remarried a woman who constantly berated her and made her feel unlovable. Her father was distant and never filled the void and abandonment that she felt after losing her mother. Consequently, she has struggled all her life with feeling unlovable, and desperately craved affection. Whenever I talked with her, her pattern was to criticize herself.

From Feeling Unloved to Hugged

We were working together to release subconscious barriers that made her feel unloved when she suddenly felt a softness in her arms and torso. She said she felt enveloped by this invisible force, as if the Universe was giving her that hug she had longed for for so many years!

The following week, she said that she noticed a lot more self-acceptance on her part. I noticed, independently, that I wasn’t hearing her normal pattern of self-criticism!

Feeling Unlovable?

feeling unloved

If you know anyone that feels unlovable, let them know that that, while you can understand why they would feel that way, it isn’t true. It is more likely that they grew up in a household with adults that were incapable of giving them what they needed, but that does not make them unlovable.

The bad news is that those feelings can keep you running away from relationships, or attracting people that make you feel that way. Changing your beliefs will change your reality, and that can be done by releasing subconscious barriers!

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