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I’m Dr. Tina EnerJoy (Tina Huang, Ph.D.) , and I’m looking forward to helping you find your way to health and LifeLong EnerJoy!   Please contact me via email if you have any questions, and let me know how I may support you on your journey to long-lasting health.

My Education
I began my professional life as a software engineer after earning my bachelor’s degree in computer science at U.C. Santa Cruz.  While I loved problem solving and developing algorithms, I found myself with a growing interest in Neuroscience generally, and the debate on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease specifically.   So I went to the University of Rochester to get my doctorate degree and joined a lab whose main mission was to understand the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Although I found the study of the brain fascinating, I found that most of the Neuroscience research was in animals, and I wanted to focus more on prevention and risk factors and understanding the disease as it progresses in humans.  While on a break in India during graduate school, I discovered the field of public health.  So, after earning my doctorate degree, I went to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Mental Health, where I took over a year’s worth of classes in epidemiology, biostatistics, and psychiatric and nutritional epidemiology.  There I began work examining the relationship of risk and protective factors to  mental and cognitive health in large scale datasets.  I later completed other postdoctoral fellowships in Nutritional Epidemiology at Tufts University,  Rush University, and the University of Victoria.

Throughout my life, I struggled with depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem and learning disabilities, and so I had a strong interest in safe and effective strategies for mental and cognitive health.  I was told by doctors and counselors at the most prestigious institutions throughout my life, that either I was overreacting, or I had to just learn to accept my limitations.   Unwilling to accept that, I kept searching for techniques that would help me live the life I wanted.

As a part of my exploration of effective solutions to mental and cognitive health challenges, I took courses in neurofeedback and considered being a neurofeedback provider.  In between postdoctoral fellowships, I worked as the Director of Research for Transparent Corporation, which makes Brainwave Entrainment Software.  A few years later, I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and found that it had helped me make shifts in my life that had never been possible before.  When I decided to leave academia, I became a health coach and an EFT practitioner, and shortly after, I discovered the Emotion Code and the Body Code.

Between EFT, the Emotion Code and the Body Code, I’ve found the most profound and lasting changes for myself and others.  What once seemed impossible has now become a reality, and I am now able to be the kind of person I’ve wanted to be all my life.   My lifelong depression and anxiety are gone, I’m relaxed and comfortable with myself, around others, and on stage.  I’m able to form deeper levels of connection with others, I’m far more productive than ever before, and my life has more ease and flow!   And despite considerable health challenges (frequent illnesses, fatigue, sciatica, knee pain and allergies), with the use of the Body Code and glutathione support, my fatigue is gone and my illnesses, sciatica, knee pain and allergies are rare.  I am able to focus, I am more productive and am able to learn and memorize more than I ever had in my past!    I feel so strongly about the power of the strategies that I offer, that I created LifeLong EnerJoy to help others achieve the joy and health I’ve found!  I feel so grateful that as a result of this practice, I regularly experience miracles, either in my own health or in those of my clients.

My Mission
My mission is to help you recognize the underlying causes of your symptoms and challenges.  In our lives, or from the lives of our ancestors, we can accumulate barriers that disrupt the bodies internal and natural healing mechanisms.  There are natural and effective solutions to release these barriers, and we do not have to settle for what we’ve inherited!   The more you realize what you can achieve using the power of the subconscious and the Body Code, the possibilities become limitless!

What I love about this work
My lifelong passion is to understand and release the underlying barriers to mental and cognitive health problems.  The Body Code gives me the answers and provides natural solutions for addressing the underlying problems, even inherited ones!   I love the breath of possibilities it presents, and find that it often helps clients in ways that nothing else will.  The profound transformation experienced by my clients is a joy to witness!

I was an ACE certified group exercise instructor for 10 years (teaching step, dance based fitness, yoga, muscle conditioning and more).  I am also a life long dancer/dance fanatic.  Since moving to Seattle, I’ve developed a passion for hiking.  I’ve been in toastmasters for over 3 years, and tell stories at story telling events.  As an activist, I am working to help restore our democracy to give more power to the people.  I am also a proud mom to  Tuk Tuk (who specializes in the fine art of the “LifeLong EverPurr”).

What’s next?
What are your health and wellness goals?  What would you like to change?  Your healing path already exists within you!    Let’s release the barriers so that you too can be the person you’ve always wanted to be!  When you fully appreciate and understand the power of the Body Code, and its ability to help you reach your personal, professional and health goals, your hope and possibilities for growth will be boundless!

You deserve to be healthy and happy!  Contact me for your complimentary one hour consultation so that we can get you on your path to LifeLong EnerJoy!

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