Dr. Tina


I’m Dr. Tina  (Tina Huang, Ph.D.).   I look forward to supporting you to achieve the health and life you love!


My Education

I was a software engineer when I found myself with a growing interest in Neuroscience. I was especially intrigued by the debate on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.   So I went to the University of Rochester to get my doctorate degree and joined an Alzheimer’s lab.

As I was finishing my degree, I realized I wanted to focus more on humans, and getting at the underlying causes in way that didn’t involve animal research.  So, after earning my doctorate degree, I went to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Mental Health, where I did a postdoctoral fellowship in psychiatric epidemiology.  There I began work examining the relationship of risk and protective factors to mental and cognitive health in large-scale datasets.  I later completed other postdoctoral fellowships in Nutritional Epidemiology at Tufts University, Rush University, and the University of Victoria.



Throughout my life, I struggled with depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem and learning disabilities.  I grew up in a toxic household, and because of my childhood, I didn’t feel safe in the world and I had a hard time knowing who to trust.  Because of how I was used to being treated, I kept attracting people that resembled my parents, which continued to take a further toll on my ability to love myself.

I was told by doctors and counselors at the most prestigious institutions throughout my life, that either I was overreacting, or I had to just learn to accept my limitations.   Unwilling to accept that, I kept searching for techniques that would help me live the life I wanted.



As a part of my exploration of effective solutions to mental and cognitive health challenges, I took courses in neurofeedback.  In between postdoctoral fellowships, I worked as the Director of Research for Transparent Corporation, which makes Brainwave Entrainment Software.  A few years later, I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT).  When I decided to leave academia, I became a health coach and an EFT practitioner, and shortly after, I discovered the Emotion Code and the Body Code.



Use of the Body Code has helped me redefine what is possible. I regularly witness profound shifts with client’s problems or symptoms that I never before imagined being able to change.  I feel like a completely difference person since beginning this work.   I now feel competent, confident, and lovable.  My depression and anxiety are gone, and my brain works better than it ever has before.  I am able to attract healthy people, have healthy boundaries, and healthy relationships.

Because I struggled for most my life, I know what it feels like to feel hopeless that things will ever change. I know what it feels like to feel like you are always walking on eggshells.   I know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and to not feel worthy of compassion.   I know what it feels like to feel like your brain or your body is not on your side.

But I have good news for you. Using the Body Code, my success rate far higher than I could have ever imagined!   Most issues that clients come to me for are resolved quickly and efficiently!


My Mission

My mission is to spread the good news that profound shifts are possible!  Instead of spending decades in counseling reliving your past, why not make change easy? Why not use a method that gets to the root of the problem?   Why not try something that is so effective that clients often forget they had the problem in the first place!

While I help clients with a wide variety of issues with health, wealth, relationships and happiness, I have 2 areas of expertise:

One of my passions is to teach brain health and spread hope about reversing Alzheimer’s.  Learn more about what is possible with Alzheimer’s disease here.

My other passion is based on my personal story.  Using my 7 step signature system, I help clients not just survive, but thrive, after living through a pattern of toxic relationships.


What I love about this work

My lifelong passion is to understand the underlying barriers to mental and cognitive health challenges.  Working with clients using the Body Code gives me cutting edge answers and insights. I love the new discoveries, and always amazed by how consistent they are with what has been found elsewhere!

I regularly help clients who feel like they are at the end of their rope.  They tell me they’ve tried everything and they are exhausted.  But the Body Code often works when nothing else will, so the profound transformation experienced by my clients is an absolute privilege and  joy to witness!



Admittedly, I’m a bit of a geek about about functional medicine, neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics.   I love a variety of fitness classes, including yoga, and am a life long dancer and dance fanatic.  Other hobbies include hiking, skiing, story telling, improv classes and board games.   And finally, I’m a proud mom to my feline companion, Tuk Tuk.

What’s next?

What would you like to change?   The life you have always wanted is just a phone call away!

Contact me here to schedule your complimentary consultation!

I look forward to meeting you and I can’t wait to help you achieve the health and life you love!


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