My experience specifically with Tina provided immediate and tangible relief from high anxiety associated with past trauma. Her compassionate, patient, and non-judgmental approach made me feel comfortable at once. I put my trust in her hands and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend working with Dr. Tina!

— Jeannine C, Victoria, BC

Working with Dr. Tina was one of the best things I did for myself this year! I always felt very safe and secure in opening up with Dr. Tina and was confident she would help me work through whatever issues I wanted to address. Her attentive and supportive way of encouraging me to deal with issues I had never spoken of before was wonderful. She was caring and very professional! Thank you Tina!!

— S. E. J., Victoria, BC

I heard from lovely [anonymous ] that you are “amazing” and that your work is like a “miracle” so I am delighted that it seems to be working out for her. I thought that it would because she is such a smart young gal. Thanks so much for taking such good care of her – I knew you would.

— Patricia Haakonson, Victoria BC and Palm Springs, CA

When I first came to see Tina I was in a state of being stuck; not knowing why, or how to move forward. I am the first to admit that I was very skeptical that the techniques used could possibly work. After the first session I started noticing a subtle shift in the way I was thinking and feeling, and by session 10, much of what was keeping me stuck was cleared. I have overcome many fears, and have started doing things I never thought I would. My past perceptions and ways of being are no longer consuming my life. I now have an open space that I can fill with all the things I have always wanted, but never thought were possible. Thank you Tina for helping me clear the way to new possibilities!

— T. L. M, Victoria, BC

“I just want to express my gratitude to you, Tina, for the amazing things you’ve done for my son since he’s started his counselling sessions with you.
I can’t help but see that he’s a different person. Even others have noted the startling transformation! He’s so calm, confident and reassured with himself. He just radiates positivity!
A thousand thank you’s. Your work has made an amazing difference!”

— C. F., Victoria, BC

Tina’s strong education and background in science and research is a big plus in her energy healing work which gives her a real edge. I’ve experienced some remarkable results personally and really enjoyed working with her. She has a unique and lively approach and a caring spirit.

— Malinda Z., Austin, TX

I went into my sessions with a healthy dose of skepticism and hope. I wanted things to go well, but I was doubtful of there being any real change. I’ve been dealing with a host of issues for 21 years (since I was 14), numerous hospitalizations for feeling suicidal, rape, an abusive mother, an absent father, sexual abuse (separate from the rape), self-harm, severe anxiety and depression. If I was a mental health pizza, I would come with “the works”. (It’s ok to laugh here. *smile*) The third session I had with Tina we dealt with major suicidal feelings as well as fear of success and getting healthy. I’ve had the fear of success for much of my life due to the fact that whenever I was healthy and well, it only meant more responsibility and pain was heaped on me. Never in the 21 years of counseling, medication and hospitals has anything been able to address that fear…until that session with Tina. In 75 minutes I went from crying and shaking with fear to being able to smile and laugh. And the greatest thing about it was the fear hasn’t come back. Now, this was a dramatic change, but I have to say that most of the changes have been small. I notice things are easier to do. I have an easier time taking my medicine and supplements (we worked on my fears of taking them regularly and now that is much less of an issue). Things that were so hard to do, even simple things like doing the dishes, became easier. I found that the feeling of being “stuck” was reduced. I started wanting to do more. I started to have hopes and dreams again. But it has not always been smooth sailing. Just last session I struggled again with despair, having no hope, and just wanting to give up and die. Tina cleared an enormous amount of trapped emotions and now I can say that I know it really helped. I have hope again. I’m enjoying life again. It’s kind of blowing my mind. It wasn’t just what she did too, but the words she spoke that have been ringing in my spirit. She said, “I’ve been where you are. I know it seems like it’ll never end, but it does. Don’t give up, we’ll get through this.” Tina is amazing in so many ways. She’s kind, funny, intuitive. She’s an instrument of God. She’s someone who you can rely on not only to work her utmost for you to take you where you want to go, but also for the fact that she’s BEEN THERE. She’s on the other side and she’s there walking with you, committed to getting you free and healthy. She’s an amazing person and an amazing friend. I’m so very thankful for her and hope I can one day stand with her on that other side. I’m getting a taste of it and it’s so wonderful and so worth it! What she does is the real deal. You won’t be sorry you did it! I really wish everyone could try a session with her and see the change themselves. Living life truly doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been. There is hope and relief. Thank you Tina, you’re the BEST!!!

— Kate L., Palmyra, PA

Tina has been meeting with me weekly for almost four months now. I had rashes that had bothered me all my life. I have seen a significant improvement in my health over the past few months. Now I am still effected by rash but it is not nearly as severe as it was when we began working together. She has helped me identify the causes of my skin problems. She is teaching me how to deal with the things that cause me stress. She has helped clear my sensitivity to certain foods, stresses, and emotions. There is a huge difference between what Tina does and what is commonly done by dermatologists. The dermatologists try to control the symptoms, mainly through steroid medicines. Tina is identifying and clearing away the causes of the symptoms. Although her techniques are new to me, I have complete confidence that they are safe, with no mysterious ingredients and no side effects.

— S. K., Maine

I feel incredibly blessed to have Tina in my life. I had no idea what kind of energy work she did, when my son bought me a session as a gift. I, also being in the field of energy healing (mostly with animals), was intrigued and made the appointment. I am so glad I did. There were a few things about my life that needed a little fine tuning. Mainly in managing a new and profound interest, and building it into a career. I had no idea how to do just that. After just a couple of sessions with Tina, I noticed that changes started to happen…good changes. My procrastinating has pretty much completely disappeared (and I have procrastinated my whole life)!! I am getting more and more organized and have more energy in what I do and how I spend my days. And maybe the most surprising (and exciting) thing, is I am actually starting to make money. Part of this journey has been to honor my work, and I can truly say that I do. All of these were issues I was not even aware I had until Tina began her energy work on me, but I can honestly say, I am very grateful that I made that first appointment. I will definitely recommend Tina’s work to others. Thank you Tina!!!

— Diane Garwood, Woodinville, WA

Every time I leave a session with Dr. Tina Huang Enerjoy’s office I feel lighter and have more clarity. Working together to clear trapped emotions that I have carried with me my entire life and have even inherited from my parents and grandparents. I have felt like a huge weight lifting off my shoulders that over 10 years of therapy has not been able to help me with. I look forward to working with Tina to release more trapped energies to release myself once and for all of depression, anxiety, frustration, and bitterness so, that I can move forward towards a healthy and balanced life where I am not just surviving, but thriving. I am forever thankful, grateful, and appreciative that someone recommended her to me.

— Love Thai, Seattle, WA

Since working with Dr. Tina, repetitive automatic thoughts that I had, like, ” I can’t” were replaced with positive and constructive thoughts that gave me a lot more confidence. They made a differerence in my readiness to take action, accept good opportunties that came my way, and to solve problems.

— Leda, Bellevue, WA

The most important things I received through sessions with Tina included the following:

1) greater insights that intuitively came by default after releasing strong emotional blocks (Tina calls this tapping into your inner wizard). These insights absolutely helped me progress in healing some issues and mending relationships

2) better awareness and understanding of my personal needs and being able to relinquish guilt and shame that prevented me from embracing them as a by-product of releasing old behaviour patterns blocking them and

3) renewed energy and sharper insights that came with almost no work on my behalf. I have done self and counsellor led analysis in the past and read a large number of self help books – all of which can be energy consuming and even confusing at times. With the work Tina does one need only commit to the session and the process itself does the work.

It is fact that the subconscious mind stores many experiences and belief systems we cannot always readily access with our conscious mind. However, it does not stop them from having influence on the way we think, act and behave.
Work like Tina’s adds an additional method by which to do some house cleaning of the subconscious so as to ultimately free us up from some of the baggage we carry as well as issues we struggle with that we can’t seem to otherwise access.

If you are in search of ways to move beyond certain nagging past or present issues and to move forward in acheiving greater clarity into your self as part of your journey towards emotional freedom I and would highly recommend working with Tina.

— Tanya, Bellingham, WA

Before my son went to Tina our family was beginning to give up hope of ever getting help for my son’s ADD and oppositionality. Regular psychiatry could only help manage the symptoms, not eliminate the underlying problem. Her healing has given our family a second chance at peace. Thank you Tina!

— Fran, Bothell, WA

I didn’t know whether Tina’s work on clearing barriers could help me but I decided to give it a try. I have had a life-long habit of always putting the needs of others before my own. It had me completely worn down and unhappy. She did several sessions of clearing barriers to taking care of myself and treating myself as well as I treat others. I didn’t sense any clear change but one day out of the blue I had an epiphany. I immediately began designing and implementing a new life for myself, including working only 4 days per week, 8 hours per day, going back to the gym, eating better, getting together with friends, etc. It’s still mysterious to me but it’s definitely made the difference between wanting to have a different life and actually creating one.

— Cindy T, Seattle, WA

I am indebted to Dr. Tina for her understanding, healing capabilities and wisdom. I came to her because I was dealing with success blocks – self sabotage, stress induced coughing and hives. Through the Body Code practice she is working with my subconscious to reveal and release negative emotions and thoughts – not only mine but generations past – epigenetics – as far back as 7 generations. She has brought up and released hurtful situations in my past that I had forgotten but were holding me back. I didn’t realize that beliefs like “others are smarter than me” and “I need to do what he/she wants me to do” were running through me. She has been releasing them so I can be more calm and have a higher degree of confidence in all areas of my life. My asthma, bronchial coughing have reduced by 90% and my hives by 98%. Amazing and a blessing! Connecting with her is a god- send – she is truly a spiritual healer and life coach.

— Betty K, Kent, WA

HI Dr. Tina,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you have done on me. I feel so much lighter and confident. I feel a tremendous dosage of gratitude towards you that I was compelled to email you about how I feel. After my tragedy in Afghanistan, I was never the same. My memory was deteriorating and my self worth diminished. I truly believe that what you did really worked on me. At first, I was in skeptical land. However after a couple of sessions with you, I’m starting to notice a change in me and how I am with my outer world. Furthermore, I was really feeling your work, and observing you. I had a strong intuition in me saying that you are like one of those spiritual doctors, and that you came here to do this kind of work. I know I sound weird however I can only best describe you as a blessing, a true blessing to me and the people you touch. I’m talking positive vibes at a high level. I believe most of your success comes from having a genuine desire to help people, and that is truly a noble act. I feel well taken care of and I feel the genuine concern you have in my healing. Dr. Tina, I am overwhelmed with the healing you are doing. I am filled with gratitude and respect for you! Thank you once again!

Meanwhile, I am so excited to see more of my authentic self emerge as these weeks and days move forward. YAY!

— JL, Tacoma, WA

“I engaged Dr. Tina to work with my mother who had severe disorientation, confusion, lack of executive brain functioning, and delusional thinking.   Dr. Tina helped to rebuild my mother into someone who has purpose, meaning, and dramatically more understanding of her life and surroundings than she did before. She has gone from being completely dependent to a valued contributor to her community.

— Daniel Suboski from Pender Island, BC

I have a young puppy who experienced severe hypoglycemia accompanied by seizures. Dr. Tina realized her liver wasn’t working properly and worked with her to fix the problem.

After clearing this problem, she improved, but she still refused to eat. I had to force feed her every few hours to keep her alive. She was groaning and miserable, and we weren’t sure if she was going to survive. With a couple more sessions, Dr. Tina released her fear of food, her fear of getting sick again with food and helped us to find ways to inspire her to eat.

I’m thrilled to say that she is now eating on her own and she is a healthy, happy, playful puppy!
Thank you, Dr. Tina!

— Jamie McAlister, Seattle, WA

Dr. Tina does something not too many people would understand, but when you work with her, it’s best to just let her do what she does because it may just lift your heavy heart or open up some area of your life you were stuck in and had left behind. You never know what is waiting to get unstuck from your subconscious. It might be something you’ve dreamed about for a long time and it just needed some un-blocking from Dr. Tina! Set your skepticism aside and get your life back on track.

— Bill W, Seattle, WA

Tina’s education in neuroscience informs her work, which feels subtle yet is profound when you experience it. She’s helped me decrease feelings of fear and doubt. You walk into her office feeling strong negative emotions and leave feeling like whatever it was that was such a big crisis just isn’t. And from there you can move forward.

— Sonya G, Kenmore, WA

If you feel like you have tried everything with no success, I would urge you to come to Dr. Tina with an open mind. She has helped me with a myriad of issues from becoming more confident in myself and sales skills, to improving my auditory memory when people speak instructions to me. The latter alone has helped me so much in relationships and also work. Science is only continually discovering how much our subconscious mind controls our life and it is reassuring to know we have tools to heal this as well.

— Tasha F., Seattle, WA

Dr. Tina’s work is truly remarkable, effective, and quick! She’s helped me through some deep, personal issues and made me feel completely safe and honored. Dr. Tina is highly professional and thorough. I would definitely recommend her.

— Pam Jackson, Shoreline, WA

Dr Tina is a caring and effective healer. I’ve worked with her on some issues and experienced excellent results.
I’m happy to refer others to her because of the care and help I received.
Give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

— Jim Kellner, Shoreline, WA

I was struggling with making decisions, even simple ones, and with your help I have been able to make decisions much more quickly and with less anxiety.

— J. S., Seattle, WA

I worked with Tina on a variety of issues, one of which was fear of flying. Just recently I was on a flight that was experiencing a great deal of turbulence–the kind that made some of the passengers squeal a bit as if they were riding a roller coaster. I could not believe how calm I was and how I did not go into panic or dread. I am sure that this was the result of my work with Tina!

— Mary, Shoreline, WA

I have lived the tug-of-war with sugar all my life. Sometimes I win and I lose a few pounds, but the pull was always there. A few sessions with Dr. Tina and I can tell you that the rope is gone. The pull is no longer there. I have lost 5 pounds and am getting used to a new way of thinking about sweets. After years of bad eating patterns this is CRAZY. A big thanks to Dr. Tina!!!!

— Janelle D., Bothell, WA

When I came to Dr. Tina I had issues with my brother/family as well as my boyfriend.

I was carrying a lot of pain and resentment towards my brother for something he had done to me around 5 years ago that really hurt. Even though in person we had made up, I still felt estranged from him and my family.

My first session with Tina I was tearing up just telling her about what happened between us. She did her work and my feelings of hurt, pain, and resentment were instantly gone!

I had been carrying around this pain for the last 5 years wanting so much to forgive him, but nothing helped. I talked about my feelings to my brother. I did meditation/self-healing, saw counselors, psychics and other energy healers, but the issues always stayed in the back of my mind. In 1 session with Tina they were gone and have not come back since.

I have never had a good long term relationship. I’ve only had 2. The first was a long abusive marriage and the second is my present boyfriend of almost 2yrs.

I thought my relationship was pretty good before my work with Tina, but I was holding on to some anger over something that happened early on in our relationship. We had supposedly made up, but I’d keep bringing the past up every once in a while and getting angry all over again or I’d say mean things to him and start fights over stupid things.

After working with Dr. Tina my relationship is so different. We rarely ever fight and I don’t bring up the past anymore. When he does something now that used to upset me, I don’t get angry, instead I’m incredibly patient with him and try to understand his feelings better. I’m so much more calm and happy. He’s noticed the changes in me as well. I’m very grateful for the work Dr. Tina has done, it’s pretty miraculous. It works when nothing else will.

— Betsy, Lynnwood

When I came to Dr. Tina Huang, I was struggling with inflammation from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, disturbed sleep, and suspected that I needed my hypothyroid medication reduced. I’m a trained Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Health Coach and, being new to Seattle, I was looking for a holistically focused medical practitioner to work together with on my own health issues. I had been spinning my wheels for months with traditional medicine, getting nowhere with incorrect diagnoses and the wrong lab tests and evaluations, and my symptoms were getting worse. What intrigued me most about Tina is her deep understanding of epigenetic factors in many autoimmune conditions and her ability to work with that to bring about improvements.

Right away, Dr. Tina was able to come up with a clearly prioritized action plan. I appreciated her conservative methodological process with using supplements and botanicals, a titrated approach I also use in my own practice. I also appreciated being able to work with Dr. Tina over the phone or via Skype during my busy work season when leaving my office was difficult. After a few weeks, with weekly check-ins and adjustments, the infections were gone. I had been unable to clear these infections for months and years. Several months later still working with Dr. Tina, I no longer needed any of my previously prescribed medications plus most of supplements I had used for sleep! I haven’t been completely medication and hormone-replacement free in over a decade, and now I have even more energy, focus, and feel more upbeat than I have in years! I look forward to continuing to work with Tina for my own health and to refer my coaching clients to who may need help beyond the functional diet, gut function, and hormone balancing lifestyle transformations I provide.

— Claire, S., Seattle, WA

I am happy to let you know that my whole life has changed for the better! Beginning a new relationship was not the only positive change…..I am way happier and busier overall…….I am participating more fully in life on several levels. I am a much happier person! I have gone from being sad and hiding at home ALL THE TIME, into loving life so much, I AM OUT IN THE WORLD ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN!!

I was grieving the loss of my husband, and after two years there was no progress in my life. I also didn’t have much trust in myself or others, especially men. The first glorious change for me is that you have cleared me from holding onto all the bad experiences (memories) with men – GONE.

I am still enjoying, to the fullest, my new relationship. I never thought I could ever feel so close with another man! My new partner treats me like I always wanted to be treated and the way I behave towards my new partner is loving and caring. I no longer feel jaded or suspicious nor do I look at things with a critical eye. I actually feel like my old wonderful self and I am so fulfilled with the JOY OF LIVING!!

I’ve also been meeting new friends where ever I go and I am strengthening the bonds with close friends I have already. Before our healing sessions, I was isolated, not reaching out, and hiding from my friends because I didn’t want them to know how hard everything was for me since my husband died – in other words I was very grumpy – NO MORE!!

SO, YES, everything has shifted. My transformation feels like a miracle! I am shining, others notice it too and are drawn to me – it’s all new to me AND I LOVE IT!! I am truly grateful for your help – you helped me so much and it has made my life so much better!

With Much Gratitude and Love,

— M. Nelson, Victoria, BC

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