Client Successes and Celebrations!

Since I get to encounter so many miracles with this work, I thought I’d post client accomplishments.  Read below to get a sense of others who’ve worked with me have achieved:

Please keep in mind that week to week benefits can range from subtle to stunning depending on where a client is in their personal journey, their background and what we are working on.

Regarding self esteem/self love/self care:

  • Client who’s been struggling to take care of herself, painted her nails for the first time in 3-4 yrs and felt good about it!
  • Client’s regular inferiority complex – gone.
  • Client more accepting of self, despite imperfections.
  • Client with long term struggles with self care and taking meds, now regularly taking them!
  • Client who put little care into her/his appearance is now finding that she/he checks the mirror more regularly before and while out.
  • Client who struggled with finding time to make self a priority is now able to do so.
  • Client’s feelings of low self worth and low self love dissappear, replaced by hope and self-empowerment!
  • Client has had a life long problem of feeling like her choices are not her own, and that they have been a reaction to her past.  For the first time ever she’s starting to see her own power and have more hope.
  • Chronic workaholic client now reports being more sensitive to her/his own needs to take care of self.  In doing so, she/he is feeling more productive, less distracted, more balanced and having more fun!
  • Client who regularly ate out, is now able to make healthy lunches and save money for more important things!
  • Client who constantly critiqued her own looks, now recognizes how beautiful she is!

Regarding relationships:

  • Several clients who used to try to change difficult people are now choosing healthier and more supportive relationships, and less willing to get caught in other’s drama.
  • After clearing client’s heart wall, she is now settled down with her longest friend and admirer who has been in love with her for 17 years!
  • Client was feeling hurt and attacked by sibling realizes its not about client, and no longer feels hurt.
  • Client’s anger about things not going her way – gone.
  • Client’s profound fear of being manipulated and controlled by others is gone!
  • Client’s anger and hurt with colleage – gone!
  • Client used to only go out when invited, and then would follow through about 50% of the time.  Now takes the initiative regularly to go out & having a lot more fun!
  • Client had concerns about being too critical of others, is finding herself being much more compassionate with feedback for others!
  • Client felt unworthy of  relationships with mennow feels more confident, attractive and beautiful and that men are noticing her more – even with less makeup!
  • Clients had an abusive family member who insisted on being a part of her life, and she felt guilty in saying no.  The guilt is now gone!
  • Client had a hard time trusting that people would not try to control or manipulate her.  After releasing the fear, she was able to be vulnerable to supportive people in her life and found incredible connection and rewards for doing so.
  • After years of feeling like he couldn’t connect with women, client is finding relationships with women improving.
  • Client has had a difficult time expressing his own needs for years.  He is now able to speak his own truth!
  • Client is no longer reactive to boss.  While boss continues to do things she/he is uncomfortable with, and she/he still feels upset, it no longer lingers and its no longer interfering with her/his ability to work.
  • A client who has faced years of bullying has never been able to confront anyone that has treated her/him badly.  She/he was for the first time able to confront a woman that treated her/him badly.    Furthermore, she/he was able to do it in a way where the woman could hear him and the woman apologized for her behavior!
  • We regularly clear the emotional impact of past painful events (such as abuse or loss) in clients, so that the memories no longer plague them.
  • Client realizing that he no longer allows self to be manipulated by others.
  • Sometimes after a break up, client are not able to let go of an old intimate relationships for years.  Often it takes just 1-2 sessions for a client to completely release them, and move on to dating new people with an open heart.
  • Sometimes clients stay in relationships & jobs that no longer serve them, out of guilt, feeling of obligation, or fear of being alone.  I regularly help clients release barriers to  healthy and loving relationships.
  • Client released barriers to getting dates and finding good men, finds herself overwhelmed with excellent prospects and is having a LOT more fun!
  • Clients who are living with “difficult family members” are finding their relationships are improving, as they are becoming less reactive and more clear headed and compassionate in their approach.
  • After clearing anger and betrayal my client felt about her ex, they were able to talk authentically.  He saw such a drastic turn around in her, that he decided he too needed to change!   Now they are back together and committed to doing what it takes to make the relationship work!

Regarding accomplishing goals & enhancing productivity/making decisions:

  • Client’s resistance to selling – gone.
  • Several clients have wanted more drive and purpose, and reporting feeling more decisive and directed!
  • Client feels more even keeled and successful in her job.  His/her clients and others she works with are noticing and are more attracted to her!
  • I regularly clear client’s dread of doing specific work tasks, thus allowing increased productivity.  
  • Client finding herself more motivated in getting homework done, and that business is picking up!
  • After clearing blockages to making an important decision and figuring out how to respond, after weeks of feeling stuck, the decision was made and the letter written!
  • Client has been trying to make an important decision for 6 months.  After one session, client says, “the blinders went off“, and the decision was made!
  • Client who’s had a life long struggle in feeling motivated to find work, becomes very motivated to do so, and finds the perfect job!
  • Client who was struggling to find a career direction has reawakened an old dream and this time is 100% committed to achieving it!

Increased optimism:

  • Client’s belief that life has to be a struggle – gone.
  • Client’s grieving and regret about where she is in life – gone.
  • Client’s nagging inner voice of “I can’t” is gone, and is replaced by a strong belief in his own effectiveness!
  • Client who regularly responded with “it won’t work” and “I’ve tried everything” is more open to suggestions and possibilities.
  • Client used to worry during every session about daily decisions, is no longer worrying about the little things.
  • Client’s belief that she is unworthy of helpgone.
  • Client’s belief that she is unworthy of healinggone.


Overcoming grief & trauma:

I regularly help clients release the emotional pain from traumatic experiences in their lives.  As one client said, the traumas can go from being so painful that they can’t be discussed, to “the emotional level of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich“.

Regardless if the level or type of trauma and it impact on you, the methods I use are effectively at safely eliminating the emotional pain and taking care of any other unwanted side effects.

With severe trauma, use of the Body Code & Emotion Code relieves the client from having to re-experience the trauma while releasing it.

I have helped clients clear trauma from emotional, mental, physical abuse, both short term and long term, from strangers, relatives and professionals.

In order to honor my clients, I cannot reveal any more details of their trauma.

Overcoming depression:

  • Client on low dose of anti-depressant no longer needs it!
  • After releasing a tremendous amount of sorrowclient felt “a real shift” and “a lot more peace”, and crying during subsequent session was reduced by at least 95%!
  • Several clients with suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts no longer have them.
  • Clients who work with me over a few months see real shifts from general dissatisfaction to a more self empowerment and optimism.
  • After client has had life long depression, and based on continued progress, she is beginning to envision a day without it!


Overcoming stress/anxiety:

  • We frequently release chronic feelings of overwhlelm with regards to how to get it all done are gonedespite the fact that the workload has not changed!
  • We regularly help clients release stress around a particular issue.
  • Client’s feeling of complete burnout – gone!
  • Client’s social anxiety gone.
  • Client’s performance anxiety gone.
  • Client’s generalize anxiety — gone.


Overcoming fears:

  • Cleared blocks to raising prices in client, so that he/she was able to raise his/her prices by 66%!
  • Client who never wanted to leave the house now has the desire to get out and be social!
  • Client regularly “freaked out” about bad weather.  Now barely notices it!
  • Client’s life long feelings of clausterphobia – gone!
  • Client overcame a huge amount of fear of getting well, and went from frequently missing healing appointments to attending them regularly!
  •  Client went from a fear of crowds to be able to camp for 4 days at a crowded music festival!
  • Client (age 13) used to hide under bed in fear of school, is now attending school regularly.

Overcoming Anger/Resistance:

  • Client with oppositional defiance disorder who used to argue for 6 hrs with mom over taking a bath, now argues for 5 min before complying.
  • Client having less tantrums at school and better able to make friends.
  • Clients who are living with “difficult family members” are finding their relationships are improving, as they are becoming less reactive/annoyed and more clear headed and compassionate in their approach.
  • Clients who used to get easily frustrated or annoyed are more even keeled and hence better able to make sound decisions and solve problems.


Addictions and Habits:

  • Client loved wine and found self drinking too much. Client now forgets to drink and it no longer has much appeal.
  • Client has been eating less and lost 7 Ibs without “effort”.
  • After a life time of unhealthy eating habits, and very little exercise, client starting to make healthier choiceseating more healthy foods and going to the gym!
  • Client was struggling with motivation to walk to work is now doing it regularly!
  • Client had a desire to eat when not hungry.  Now only interested in eating when hungry
  • Client had life long severe cravings and compulsions to eat fast food 3 to 7 times a week.  Now says its “very easy” to say “no” to fast food, and she/he has lost 95% of the desire to eat it!  She/he prefers healthy fruits/veggies, etc, instead, and does NOT feel deprived! 
  • Clients 35 year history with hair pulling is reduced by about 95%!
  • Client struggling to drink enough water per day, now does it regularly.

Brain Fog/Distraction:

  • Client went from inability to focus during our session, to being completely present by the end!
  • Client’s complaints of brain fog and trouble focusing are “no longer a problem”.
  • Client no longer needs silent pauses to think while speaking.
  • Client’s speach is more organized and easier to follow and comprehend.
  • Several clients are able to work harder and get more done.
  • Client who used to get headaches when trying to concentrate, no longer finds it a problem.
  • Client who couldn’t focus enough to balance a checkbook can now do so without a problem.
  • Client with probable Alzheimer’s couldn’t focus long enough to have a conversation or complete a simple task like getting a glass of water.   I no longer need to rely on her power of attorney to answer questions; she can now answer them herself!    Not only can she get her own water, but do more complex tasks like go shopping!

Allergies/ asthma cleared:

  • Client’s rash that had he had been feeling for days, cleared the day after session.
  • Eggplant allergy – gone
  • Allergy/intolerace to dairy gone!
  • Clients had allergies to grass and pollen for a year.  Congestion cleared immediately during clearing of underlying cause and have not returned!
  • Years of stomach sensitivity – gone!
  • Client used to need an inhaler every 2 hrsnow only needs it about 2-3x/day!
  • Client who had chronic sinus leakage and pain, headaches and inability to concentrate, no longer has these problems after clearing an allergy to maple!


  • Client’s years of lower back pain – gone!
  • Pain in left abdominal area, felt tender with movement.  Rated at a 5 out of 10, gone!
  • Menstrual cramps, with pain rated at a 4/10 gone!
  • Sporadic achiness in hip over 5 years – gone!
  • Client’s back pain went from a 10 to a 3.
  • Client went from limping due to knee pain, to pain free!
  • Client’s heel pain – gone!
  • Clients’ itchy mosquito bite – gone!
  • Clients’ sciatica pain – from intolerable to infrequent.
  • Client’s neck pain, wrist pain, and clicking in jaw –  gone!



  • Client, had been sick for days… we stored his/her immune system and the sore throat and swollen glands were gone!
  • Client had been getting sick about 1x/week for months only had one minor illness in the last 30 days!
  • Bacterial infection from a kitty client – gone!
  • Cat who went from needing to sleep 23.5 hrs a day (for about a month) and barely eating, now healthy and happy, and eats plenty.


  •  Client had surgery for glaucoma and had problems with floaters and vision.  Floaters and vision are steadily improving and no longer “an issue”.


  • Client had severe vertigo, whenever she would turn over at night, and sometimes while standing –  gone!

Energy levels:

  • Client needed 10 hrs of sleep a night and 1-2 naps for over 30 years.   Now only needs 7.5 hrs of sleep a night without naps!


  • Client’s paranoia and delusions reduced by 80%.
  • Client went from isolated to making friends and regularly participating in activities.

  • Client went from needing care 24×7 to minimal supervision.

  • Client with probable Alzheimer’s couldn’t focus long enough to have a conversation or complete a simple task like getting a glass of water.   I no longer need to rely on her power of attorney to answer questions; she can now answer them herself!    Not only can she get her own water, but do more complex tasks like go shopping!

  • Client used to not be able to find her way around her community by herself, now does so easily.

  • Client got locked out of her building.  Instead of panicking, she calmly found another open building to wait in.  She periodically came back to check her building to see if it had been opened.  When inside, she told the staff about her experience, and they found her footsteps that verified her story!

Successes by parents:

(note:  When we clear inherited trapped emotions (and other energies) from specific ancestors, parents and other ancestors realize benefits too!)

  • Client’s “chronically difficult and controlling father” has “chilled out“.
  • Client’s who’s father who had had a business idea for decades finally started working on it, and with more enthusiasm than ever before!
  • Client’s mom used to be very nervous about having her boss around.  She is no longer phased by his presence!
  • Clients’ mom regularly reports feeling different/ lighter after sessions with her son.


  • Client was told by doctors for decades that she probably wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, now has a  healthy baby boy!
  • Client had a ectopic pregnancy a decade ago.  To make sure the fetus would safely get to the uterus, we moved the fetus from the fallopians tubes to the uterus in 1 session!


Kitty Accomplishments:

  • Frequent begging  has stopped!
  • Bacterial infection – gone!
  • Weeks of nightly head butting as owner was falling asleep, stopped instantly!
  • Digging up lawn – instantly stopped.
  • Hissing and growling at other cat – stopped.
  • Meowing/whining in the middle of the night – stopped.
  • Cat who went from needing to sleep 23.5 hrs a day (for about a month) and barely eatingnow healthy and happy, and eats plenty.
  • Cat peeing outside of litter box — stopped!
  • 2 cats  couldn’t be in the same room together for months because they would always fight viscously.   After 2 sessions, they no longer needed to be separated, and started snuggling!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to my clients who’ve allowed me to share their successes!

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