Emotion Code

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a subset of the Body Code and is a method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to quickly release trapped emotions from the body.

The Emotion Code Book

What are Trapped Emotions?

Whenever we have a negative experience, we are suceptible to feeling negative emotions.   If we haven’t been able to process them in a loving way, then emotions can get trapped in our bodies as trapped emotions.

Trapped emotions can accumulate to increase our vulnerabilty to negative reactions to our experiences.  They can also drive unhealthy behaviors, effect our immune systems, and our susceptibility to physical or emotional pain.  They play a huge role in our mental health and our ability to form loving relationships.

They can be stored anywhere in our bodies, and your subconscious knows where it is and what caused it!  Find that hard to believe?  

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Your subconscious stores all your experiences and everything you’ve been exposed to. It therefore knows what is good for you and what isn’t.   95% of what is in our brain is subconscious and the information is stored subconsciously so we can concentrate on the task at hand.  Otherwise, we would probably function more like Rain Man.  

Trapped emotions can also accumulate around our hearts to form a heart wall.

How do you release a trapped emotion?

We ask simple yes/no questions of our subconcious using a method called applied kinesiology or muscle testing to identify the trapped emotion.  Once identified, we can release them by working with the governing meridian.


Why use the Emotion Code in addition to EFT?

EFT is fast and effective when we know why were are in pain.  However our reactions are largely determined by our past experiences and even the experiences of our ancestors.  So EFT is effective in calming down an emotion around an event, but to completely eliminate it, we need to get to the root underlying causes.   The Emotion Code allows us to more quickly and effectively determine the trapped emotions (either from our past or inherited) that are contributing to our current situation.


What does it feel like to release a trapped emotion?

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What effect does clearing trapped emotions have over time?

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 Disclaimer: While releasing emotions can help you gain power over your inner sabatour, I am not claiming that releasing emotions will always be sufficient to provide one with a complete recovery.  Read more here….