Do You Have a Heart Wall?

Do You Have a Heart Wall?

Are you uncomfortable with others getting too close?

Are you struggling to connect with what brings you joy?

If so, you may have a heart wall. 1  

What is a heart wall?  

Heart walls are made of trapped emotions that have accumulated around our hearts.  Whenever we experience negative emotions, if we haven’t been in a space where we’ve been able to process our emotions in a loving and supportive environment, they get trapped in our bodies.   While they can be trapped anywhere in our bodies, they can particularly affect us when they accumulate around our hearts and form heart walls.

The thicker the heart wall is, the harder it is for a person to feel compassionate and connection.  I’ve measured heart walls ranging from 0.0001cm to 3500 miles thick.  People with thick heart walls can feel depressed, lonely, isolated, or emotionally detached.  People with thin heart walls integrate more easily into work and may even be married, but may have difficulty with relationships or connecting with their passion.  People without heart walls tend to be warm and welcoming.   You would feel safe and accepted in their presence.

How common are heart walls?

93% of the population has a heart wall.

If I have a heart wall, am I stuck with it?

No!   Because emotions are just energy, we can use techniques from energy medicine to release the trapped emotions and clear your heart wall.

How will clearing my heart wall change my life?

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.30.58 PM

Brene Brown’s TED talk: The Power of Vulnerability.

Brené Brown gave a fantastic TED talk where she said that the key to developing loving and lasting connections is having the strength to be vulnerable.   Clearing your heart wall will give you that strength.   A client of mine had been single for years while harboring the dream of getting married, having children and buying a house.   After we cleared her heart wall, she started to look at her best friend of 17 years, who had been in love with her all this time, a little differently.  Two months after clearing it they were dating.  They now have a healthy baby boy!

I’ve had other clients who have noticed that have more passion for life.  They have started picking up old hobbies and enjoying life more.  I had one client who’s dream to be a flight attendant was rekindled after releasing her heart wall.  And many others have noticed that they are able to be more vulnerable and emotionally intimate in relationships.

Are you finding it hard to trust people enough to let them into your heart?

Check out my program Learn to Love Again, and then schedule a complimentary consultation here.

1The Heart Wall was discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the inventor of the Emotion Code and the Body Code.

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