The cat whisperer via the Emotion Code

The cat whisperer via the Emotion Code

Thanks to my cat, Tivoli, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately.

For years now, she’s had the habit of needing my affection just as I turn off my lights and lie down to sleep.  She’d plow her head into mine, persistently, purring all the while, and I’d often hide underneath my covers.  It was usually a struggle between us, but eventually, she’d go away and let me sleep for most of the night.  But the problem has been getting steadily worse.  Till just recently, she was charging into me in the wee hours of the morning, several times a night.

I decided to do some Emotion Code work on her to release trapped emotions underlying her behavior, and her behavior changed from charging into me at night, to purring with her whiskers in my face.  An improvement, but  she was still waking me up repeatedly through the night.  I kept clearing trapped emotions, and when I finally cleared all trapped emotions that were contributing to this behavior last night, I went to sleep, praying that I would not be disturbed.    The next morning, I woke up before 6am (I am NOT a morning person), and couldn’t’ get back to sleep because I was so excited about my cat’s behavior!

After I cleared her trapped emotions, I turned out the lights, she took a look at me, and left the room!   I awoke in the middle of the night to get more covers, and realized she hadn’t disturbed me for 4 hrs – another miracle.   As soon as she heard me up, she rushed back into the room, staying close to me as I put more clothes on and got water.  But when I went back to bed, she sat next to me and purred.  Again, no whiskers in face!

I’ve experienced other miracles extreme shifts in cat behavior, mainly with Tivoli.

One day she was out in the garden, and all of the sudden started furiously digging up the grass.   She’s never done anything like it, so I checked for trapped emotions behind it.  Apparently there were 2 of conflict from her past.   Instantly after clearing them, she stopped, walked away and sat down.   She NEVER digged at the grass again.   It felt like a miracle!   One aspect of this miracle was that I did this indoors as her surrogate while she was outdoors!  The other is that the Emotion Code works for animals that have no idea of what I’m doing!  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, given that I’ve been told both EFT and the Emotion Code  work for animals, but I  never ceased to be amazed by the simplicity and power in these methods!

Do you have an animal with behavioral issues?    You don’t have to live in Seattle to reap the benefits.  I can prove to you that the Emotion Code  works over Skype when  you contact me.


Update:  Tivoli passed away in Oct 2012.  I like to think that her spirit has returned to her favorite garden where she is happily chasing butterflies!

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