Optimize Your Brain for Successful Aging

Do you have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other dementias in your family?

Are you worried that you will get it too?

I understand why you are worried.  Your risk of dementia is higher than other people without dementia in their families.  That is the bad news.

But there is good news too!

You can delay and even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and other dementias!

How?  By knowing how to keep (or get) your brain healthy, and importantly, by living a healthy-brain lifestyle!

You probably already know a lot about how to prevent the disease.  You’ve been keeping track of the news on the subject, and you’ve tried to implement what you’ve learned.  Sometimes you’ve been able to, and other times, you’ve struggled.  You may be feeling rather overwhelmed by the amount of advice you’ve been given.   Maybe you are wondering if you are doing it right, or doing enough.

What if there were an easier way?

My expertise in the fields of neuroscience and epidemiology was in Alzheimer’s prevention.  I could teach you a course (and I have) on what you need to do to prevent the disease.  But you would still be presented with a LOT of information, some which might be relevant, and some which have no bearing on your risk of getting the disease.

This is because the set of underlying causes of Alzheimer’s (and other dementias) are NOT the same between people.   One person’s Alzheimer’s might be caused by depression and a few nutrient deficiencies, another’s might be due to a medication they take, a 3rd person might be having too much stress, not enough social stimulation, and a genetic tendency.

This means that only some of the recommendations you read are relevant to you!

But there is good news.

How would you like an individually tailored protocol of healthy habits you need to keep your brain healthy!


Optimize Your Brain For Successful Aging!

There are 3 important steps needed for successful aging:

1.) Mindset Mastery:   The 3/6 week program to regain the reigns of your aging brain, even if you don’t believe you can!

Our beliefs are the most powerful determinant of our future.  Changing them can even reverse the aging process!  Read more about that in my article:  The Most Important Secret to Healthy Aging

2.)  Healthy Habits Rx:  A custom-tailored solution of what you need to avoid and embrace.

Additionally clients may be interested in my program to Make Habit Change Easy.

3.) Mental Health Makeover:  Release depression, anxiety and accumulative traumas that increase your risk.

Need help determining which is right for you?  Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.


  • Knowing that you are in control of your future and your health.
  • Being able to plan and look forward to the retirement you want.
  • Living most of your senior years on your own terms, without needing to depend on others.
  • Being able to live in your home for as long as you want.
  • Saving you and your family hundreds of thousands of dollars in senior care services and health care costs.
  • Not having to worry about being bankrupted by the costs of dementia.
  • Not having to burden your family with 8-20 years of caregiving.


Spend hundreds now, and save hundreds of thousands over your lifetime.

Are you ready to take charge of your future?

Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.



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