What it feels like to release a trapped emotion

What it feels like to release a trapped emotion

This morning I woke up with something on my mind.  I can’t share the details, but lets just say I was rather unhappy about a recent event, and I was defiantly plotting as to how I’d respond.  Luckily I now know that when my mind is not at peace, that it’s not healthy for my mind or body, and there’s something I can do about it.  So using the Emotion Code,  I asked my subconscious if I had any trapped emotions that were contributing to my feelings about this recent event.   The answer was “yes”.  In fact the answer is almost always “yes!   Why?  Because our past experiences have a profound effect on our reactions to current events.

My trapped emotion was “conflict”.   During the G. W. Bush years, I was actively campaigning with my Amnesty group in Somerville, MA to restore human rights that were being compromised by the “War on Terror”.   I was quite passionate about this work and the word “conflict” aptly described my feelings.  In thinking about this, my body would tense and contract.   I felt defiant.   My brow would furrow, and my jaw would begin to clench, and I’d feel a tension in my stomach.   Using an energy technique called the Emotion Code, I was able to quickly release it.  And suddenly my body was at peace.  Images of a peaceful sunny day emerged.  Followed by unicorns and rainbows, and of lovers running in slow motion towards each other in a field of poppies.  Oh… and the sound track was schmaltzy.  Think elevator music.

… really…?????

OK no.  I confess there were no such fanciful images, and so far no one has reported the experience of rainbows, unicorns or lovers running across a field or any sound track.  However, there was the feeling of peace.   All the tension I described was gone.  And my current conflict?  I had a hard time bringing it back to mind.  My brain just had no desire to go there!

Some say that when they experience a released trapped emotion, it feels like the event happened to someone else.  Personally, when I hear about other’s stories, I often have a sympathetic emotional response.  So to me, clearing a trapped emotion has an even more transformative effect, because when the trapped emotions are cleared around an event, I can think of the event without the emotional response.

With this work, I am gaining an increasing sense of peace about my past, and it haa profound and wonderful effects on my actions, beliefs and feelings in the present.   I feel incredibly lucky to have these strategies that are allowing me more productivity, presence, peace and joy in my life than I ever thought possible!

Care to join me on my journey?


  1. Tina
    Apr 9, 2012

    After clearing trapped emotions around a charged event, a client said that the event now has the same emotional level of the memory of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I thought it was a perfect analogy!

  2. lucy
    Mar 11, 2019

    For me, releasing a trapped emotions felt very much like a ah ha moment, a moment of recognition of what I’d felt and my head and body aligned. I loved it during therapy and am still working towards releasing blocked emotions.

    • Tina
      Mar 15, 2019

      Great description Lucy! Thank you for that contribution!

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