Seven Tips for a New Year’s Mood Makeover

Seven Tips for a New Year’s Mood Makeover

2017 has been a rough year for so many reasons. I was and still am terrified by the outcomes of the last election, and regularly grieve for everyone whose lives are made more difficult as a result.   For me personally, it has also been a difficult year with my relationships.   This admittedly has put me in a very negative and pessimistic frame of mind. After hours of release work, I’m feeling more grateful for the lessons learned, and am accepting the changes, but feeling happy feels like a stretch at this point.

Happy is not my natural state of mind. I grew up with a very negative and pessimistic father, and that was my default state for decades.   Recent research shows that there is a genetic tendency to depression, and well-being. I suspect given my family and personal history that I did not fair well these genes. Never-the-less, a gene can be expressed in 3000 different ways, so our environment, and what we do matters a lot.

I have had to work at being happy. When our environment spirals negatively downward, being happy requires more work.

Here are some simple tips that you can do to give your mood a makeover for 2018:

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