How Ancestral Trauma and Behavior Affect Us

How Ancestral Trauma and Behavior Affect Us

A client of mine has Parkinson’s disease.  While eliminating underlying causes, we discovered she had repressed anger that she had inherited from her great-grandmother.   In asking questions of her subconscious, I got that her great-grandmother was angry about her illness.  I then discovered her great-grandfather shared the same ancestral trauma around his wife’s illness.  My client who had traced her ancestry then revealed that this great-grandmother had 6 children, but died young.  Her husband then remarried, and they had 8 more!

We released the anger from the great-grandparents down the family line so that it was no longer playing a part in her disease.

While eliminating underlying causes, we regularly find that most of what is getting in our way of recovery is inherited.  But rarely do we get the ancestor’s stories behind it.  I had one client with an addiction to porn.  I discovered that most of his addiction stemmed from experiences from his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  He then told me that he had caught his father in the act, and it had become their little tree with ancestral trauma

I had another client who had a fear of authority that she had gotten from her mom. When she asked her mom about her fear of authority, she said that she had it up till the previous week.  But this past week, she was doing a new procedure, and her boss walked in.  She was surprised by how unusually calm she was in his presence, and she was perplexed by how that happened until my client told her we had cleared it from her in my client’s session!

If you have inherited patterns, you are no longer doomed to repeat them!   Using the Body Code we can release inherited emotions, beliefs, exposures, behaviors and more down the family line, so that your whole family benefits! Learn more about how you can change an inherited problem here, and contact me here  for a complimentary consultation.


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