A Surprising Result: Releasing Barriers to Drinking Enough Water

A Surprising Result: Releasing Barriers to Drinking Enough Water

A client desperately wanted to lose weight, but after suffering a series of misfortunate events, she was having a hard time engaging in healthy behaviors.   Her subconscious said that one of her major underlying contributors to her inability to lose weight was that she was chronically and severely dehydrated!

After releasing subconscious barriers that were getting in the way of her ability to drink water, *not only does she claim to “drink (water) non-stop“** , but she started using an app to track and monitor her food intake!  She has also been making deliberate choices and creating new patterns for healthy eating!    Plus she has been getting to bed earlier to get the sleep she needs!   Unlike previous patters when she was sick, she is now taking care of herself, and giving her body the rest and fluids it needs!    How was she rewarded for all these changes?   She lost 8 Ibs in 3 weeks!    Did I mention that this was with only one session?     Even I was surprised!

weight lossSometimes you just need to get the ball rolling and get out of your own way!

Do you know anyone who wants to lose weight?  Let them know that that we can identify the most important underlying causes  that need to be addressed.   Whether you need to change a habit, or address a problem with your body’s ability to shed fat, your subconscious will know what is needed.  I work with clients to release the underlying causes using the Body Code.   You can learn more about the Body Code here, and if you want to get straight to the underlying cause,  contact me here to schedule your complimentary 20 min consultation.

*While this method regularly works to change habits quickly, we cannot guarantee that future clients will respond similarly.
** Despite her claim to drinking “non-stop”, she was drinking no more than she actually needed.

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