A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Fight Infections

A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Fight Infections

After learning about the pandemics and epidemics such as cholera, polio, smallpox and the plague, I’ve been grateful that most of the world’s worst epidemics were eradicated before I was born.

So the outbreak of Coronovirus and the spread to a town just north of Seattle, has got my attention!

Thus, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share my favorite tip to fight infections.

Science Meets Intuition

*In my journey as a Body Code Practitioner, I’ve learned some things about infections that I thought would be useful to share at this time.

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If You Get Sick Too Often, Consider This

If you find yourself getting sick way too often, its always a good idea to assess to see if you are being exposed to mold.  I find it can underlie unusual levels of fatigue, it can contribute to strange neurological problems, a foggy brain or an inability to concentrate.

When I find that a client has excess mold in their bodies,

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