If You Get Sick Too Often, Consider This

If you find yourself getting sick way too often, its always a good idea to assess to see if you are being exposed to mold.  I find it can underlie unusual levels of fatigue, it can contribute to strange neurological problems, a foggy brain or an inability to concentrate.

When I find that a client has excess mold in their bodies, by talking to their subconscious, I can learn where in their life the mold is coming from.  This means if we are working together either in my office or via Skype, I can tell them if there is mold in their car, the workplace or their home!

Today I was working with a client who’s exposure to mold is seriously compromising her immune system.  We first discovered mold in the back of her car in her trunk, so we went out to take a look and this is what we found:

Mold on the board that is underneath the carpet of the trunk.

Mold on the board that is underneath the carpet of the trunk.








Then when she got home, she took a picture of her moldy sink before and after cleaning:






We threw away the moldy board and attached carpet.  And she no longer is being continuously exposed to the toxin.  Like most others, she still needs to clear it from her bloodstream, before the benefits will show.

Before I had become a Body Code practitioner, I found myself needing more and more hours of sleep a day.  At the worst of it, I found myself needing 10 hrs of sleep at night and a 2 hr nap in the middle of the day!    I couldn’t figure out why until a friend suspected mold and we searched my apartment.  After getting rid of the mold and cleaning up my system,  my sleep returned to normal.   The difference was profound!

Are you wondering if you are suffering from mold exposure?   Don’t know where it might be?    Your subconscious does!    Save your health, your time & your money, and contact me at 1855 ENERJOY for the fastest and most convenient method to detect mold!  

Want to learn more about releasing subconscious barriers?  Listen to:  Releasing Subconscious Barriers:  The Key to Health and Happiness.

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