A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Fight Infections

A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Fight Infections

After learning about the pandemics and epidemics such as cholera, polio, smallpox and the plague, I’ve been grateful that most of the world’s worst epidemics were eradicated before I was born.

So the outbreak of Coronovirus and the spread to a town just north of Seattle, has got my attention!

Thus, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share my favorite tip to fight infections.

Science Meets Intuition

*In my journey as a Body Code Practitioner, I’ve learned some things about infections that I thought would be useful to share at this time.

Using the wisdom of the subconscious, I can tell if you have a pathogen (bacteria, virus or parasite), but I can’t give you the specific strain.  I can also tell when you got it, and often how.  Your subconscious knows!

I’ve learned that we catch pathogens far more often than we realize.   Not all pathogens manifest in the typical histamine responses (sneezing, sore throat, etc).  Sometimes, they simply just wear us out.

I also know that some clients have had latent pathogens that have been in their bodies for decades.   The lingering pathogens often contribute to chronic inflammation that can manifest in problems with their skin, autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions.

To Fight Infections, Its Better to Attack Them Early

attack it earlyOne important lesson I’ve learned is that detecting a bug early is key to being able to defeat it quickly.  Like an epidemic, a pathogen replicates in your body and multiplies.  The rate of growth can easily be exponential, depending on the pathogen, and your ability to fight it.   If you can fight it before it has much chance to replicate, you recover faster.

So I try to be very alert to any symptoms like a slightly sore throat, digestive issues and/or less energy than expected.  As soon as I’ve detected something out of the ordinary, I pull out my favorite weapon to fight infections and start swinging.

What is my weapon of choice?  Chances are likely it’s in your kitchen.  It’s raw garlic.

Medicine in Your Kitchen

Raw garlic fights most pathogens, and I’ve often found (but not always), it’s the only remedy I’ve needed!  As a general remedy for bacteria or viruses, I’ve found it to work faster and more powerfully than any supplement or food I’ve tried.

It can be a shock to the system to eat it plain, so I recommend it with other food, like toast, cooked veggies or eggs.   But importantly, you must not cook it!

raw garlicWhy?  Because the active ingredient is allicin, and allicin is destroyed with cooking.  While garlic is an ancient herbal remedy, there are plenty of research studies that confirm my experience.

For most illnesses, I recommend 1-2 cloves a day in a single serving. If you are very sick, or if you catch it later on in the illness, I recommend adding raw garlic to a meal in the beginning and the end of the day until symptoms abate.

And of course, you should aim to get plenty of rest and liquids, and make sure you are getting plenty of nutrients, especially vitamin D, C, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Using the Body Code, I also release barriers to optimize the immune and detoxification systems.

A simple solutions for the cornovirus?

So back to the coronavirus.  Are these suggestions likely to help us fight the recent coronavirus?

doctorIt seems reasonable to assume that anything you do to boost the power of your immune system should help you fight any infection.  However, we won’t know for sure until proper research is conducted. While the coronavirus is deadly, so far only 3% have died from the disease, so people do recover after infection.   At this point it’s too early to say who recovers, but the consensus is that people with stronger immune systems are more likely to recover.

That being said, I do not mean to be undermining the seriousness of the outbreak.  In Wuhan, China, given that the virus can stay alive for 5 days outside of a human vector, a quarantine is an appropriate precaution.

However, at this point, unless you are in contact with someone who’s recently been to Wuhan, China, your chances of catching it are extremely low.  Public health officials in most countries, including China and the US are on high alert to minimize further infection.  To learn more about symptoms, spread and what we need to know about the coronavirus, check out this excellent article from Harvard here.

We are Interconnected

Meanwhile, we all need to do our part to stay healthy.

we are connectedWhy?  Because pathogens are a great reminder that are interdependent.  What we do, not only impacts our own health, but the health of those around us.   And conversely, our health is affected by those around us.

So basic things like washing our hands, taking our probiotics, and staying home when sick will help us all win the battle against infectious agents!

And because good intentions matter, let’s send a prayer to Wuhan and all people that have the virus.  “Stay strong, Wuhan!”

Do you feel like you get sick too often?  There are 4 stages from exposure to infection.  Using the Body Code, we can not only determine where your vulnerabilities are, but work to strengthen your body’s natural defense systems.   Want to learn more?  Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.


*Disclaimer:  I took graduate level classes in epidemiology and immunology, but I am not an M.D.  This article only describes my personal experience, research and reflections.  The opinions expressed here are purely my own.  And while my advice might help some reduce the intensity and duration of an infection, I am not claiming that it will apply to everyone all the time.  It’s always best to see your doctor if you are sick.


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