Adventures in Pregnancy with the Body Code

Adventures in Pregnancy with the Body Code

I have a client who was told very young that she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant, and then she had an ectopic pregnancy in her 20’s.  Now in her late 30’s, thanks to our work with the Body Code, she is pregnant!  We also used the Body Code to help the fetus travel safely from the fallopian tubes to the uterus.   One of the most moving part of the experience was finding released trapped emotions of insecurity that were getting in the way!   At her first ultrasound, the ultrasound tech told her that her fetus is 100% healthy!

The other day at the end of the session, we asked if the fetus had any dire needs that we needed to take care of.  I got “malnutrition”, and my first reaction was to panic.  Was the fetus not be getting nutrients from her mom, even though mom was eating plenty?   But I then asked how long had this been a problem.  Apparently it was under 30 min!   We were relieved and amused to see that this fetus was acting like a typical baby and already knows how to get her needs met!
This story was originally written in 2014.  I am happy to report this  “fetus” has turned into a delightful little toddler, and he is the apple of his mother’s eye!

Do you know anyone who is struggling to get pregnant?  Do you know anyone who is pregnant?   Why not consider releasing subconscious barriers to prepare mom for pregnancy and ensure a better outcome?  If interested, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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