How to Conquer Fear

How to Conquer Fear

My  Greatest Fear – Public Speaking!

I used to have a tremendous fear of public speaking. Actually, specifically, my fear was about my mind freezing. I would write out every word of my speech or lecture and practice reading it over and over until I could look up at the audience every once in awhile.   I didn’t connect well with my audience and I’m sure the tension I felt radiated through the room.

Now I can connect with my audience and even speak at times with no notes! Most importantly, I’m having fun and my audience is enjoying my talks!

So how do we turn fear into fun?

fear1.)  Watch your internal monologue.
What are you saying to yourself about your fear?   You might ask a friend without the fear to share their perspective, and then try to adopt it as your own.

2.)  Note what emotions you feel in your body around that event and take steps to reduce the emotional response.  How do you do that?  Read more in my article on How to Release Emotional Pain.

Then Choose One of these Options:

1.)  You can face your fear head on, and “just do it”.   This can help you reframe your way of thinking about your fear. For example if you are afraid that people might laugh at you, and they are actually supportive, that can help shift your internal monologue, and your nervous system.   If your fear of spiders is because you think you might get bit, spend time with someone who loves spiders and ask them to help you see them differently.   If you have eliminated your negative emotions around the fear, this will be easy to do.

2.)  If the idea of facing your fears head on seems too terrifying, then take baby steps.   For example, with public speaking, try to find a public speaking opportunity that sounds less scary to you. Maybe it’s making an announcement at a large party or a small dinner party.  As you develop comfort with one goal, challenge yourself a bit more until you’ve overcome your fears.

So how did I release my fears of public speaking and my brain freezing?

I used the Emotion Code to clear trapped emotions of fear and panic, and the Body Code to eliminate underlying thought patterns and other imbalances that were contributing to my tension and fear.

If you’d like help in identifying your underlying thought patterns and trapped emotions that are contributing to your fears, listen to my interview on releasing subconscious barriers and call me at 1855 ENERJOY for a free 1 hr consultation!

Know anyone that could use some help in releasing fears and phobias?  Please share this article with them!

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