Reviving from Failure to Thrive

Reviving from Failure to Thrive

John would lock himself in his apartment for days, not talking to anyone.  After not being able to reach him for days, his mom stopped by his apartment and found pizza boxes and empty cans of coke and pepsi strewn throughout the apartment.  The place reeked with his body oder, moldy food and urine.

John had been struggling with severe mental health challenges for entire life.  In addition to depression, he had autism and oppositional defiance disorder.  He had a habit of alienating everyone he met, and so he was lonely and uninterested in life.  He was 385 Ibs, sedentary, and had diabetes.

addictions can be a symptom of a failure to thrive

Barriers to Thriving

I assessed that he had a fear of life itself.  He also needed to start moving.  His sedentary life was exacerbating his diabetes, increasing his susceptibility to cancer and heart disease, and exacerbating his depression.

Releasing the Barriers

After releasing his fear of life, and barriers to moving, he told his mom that he had planned to go for a walk with a friend!  He was also asking to be a part of more activities outside the home!

If you know anyone who is shutting people out of his life, and engages in unhealthy eating habits and other behaviors, that person is deeply depressed and failing to thrive.  They need professional help!   The good news is that with proper support, the mindset that perpetuates these types of behaviors can be changed.  While there is no quick fix, identifying and releasing underlying causes is an efficient way to see real progress.  If they prefer a method where they don’t have to talk much or know why they are struggling, contact me here to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how I can help.



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