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  • Is your cat too aggressive?

  • Does your cat eliminate outside the box?

  • Does she get bullied by other members of the family?

  • Does he eat too much or too little?

Why is your feline acting out?

Your cat has conscious and subconscious reasons that motivate her behavior.

What if we could clear those thought and emotions that drive those behaviors?



Creating Purrlicious Relationships Between Felines and their Families!

Benefits include:

  • Proper and consistent use of the litter box
  • Playing nicely with other pets and humans
  • More confidence
  • More affectionate and cuddly
  • Let you sleep through the night
  • Eat & drink more if needed
  • Eat less if needed

What is it like to clear subconscious thoughts and emotions in cats?

Read: The Cat Whisperer via the Emotion Code

Want to learn more about how Dr. Tina clears subsconscious barriers?

Learn more about the main methods used:  The Body Code and Emotion Code.

What clients say:


“After 9 months of trying everything, we had 2 sessions with Dr. Tina. With her energy cleansing and training tips, Mitten and Nibbles have become friends again! We went from having them in separate and locked rooms due to all the fighting, to them napping together on the same pile of sheets! Thank you so much Dr. Tina!”

– Gabriela from Seattle, WA


“I have a young puppy who experienced severe hypoglycemia accompanied by seizures.  Dr. Tina realized her liver wasn’t working properly and worked with her to fix the problem.

After clearing this problem, she improved, but she still refused to eat.   I had to force feed her every few hours to keep her alive. She was groaning and miserable, and we weren’t sure if she was going to survive. With a couple more sessions, Dr. Tina released her fear of food, her fear of getting sick again with food and helped us to find ways to inspire her to eat.

I’m thrilled to say that she is now eating on her own and she is a healthy, happy, playful puppy!

Thank you, Dr. Tina!”

Jamie McAlister, Seattle , WA

“Tina totally helped me with my cats, behaviour, and overall relationship. Highly recommended!”

-Bill Bernat, Seattle, WA

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