For understanding the link between emotions and disease:

The Emotion Code – Dr. Bradley Nelson

When the Body Says No – Gabor Mate, MD

Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss


The effects of stress on your brain:

The Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning

For a better understanding of the importance of Energy in the body:

My Stroke of Insight:  A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey – Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

Anatomy of the Spirit – Caroline Myss

EFT manual – 2nd Edition – Gary Craig

More information about EFT:

EFT manual – 2nd Edition – Gary Craig

EFT research


Brainwave Entrainment:

Brainwave Entrainment Software

A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment.  T.L. Huang, C. Charyton,  Alternative Therapies Health Med.,  (14)6:18.  (2008) 

8 – 8 minute Meditations:

Brain Training:


Brain Games - Lumosity

How to improve interactions with others:

Nonviolent Communication:  A Language of Life – Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Find a local NVC group via:  The center for Nonviolent Communication

My favorite Candida remedy:

Fivelac probiotic:


Need some vitamin D3 or Sunshine?

This light box delivers + it has negative ion technology which also enhances your Serotonin levels!

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