Her Secret to Reverse The Aging Process

Her Secret to Reverse The Aging Process

Getting Older Fast

When I first met Diane seven years ago, I was attracted to her warmth and her engaging stories.  She is an animal communicator, and practices Healing Touch, and I keep telling her she should write a book with all the interesting stories she tells!    But I was concerned for her.  She has several autoimmune diseases.  She struggled with walking more than a few yards due to pain and difficulty breathing.  She was taking pain medications three times a day.  She seemed old for her age, and she was in her late 50’s.

Her Secret to Reverse the Aging Process

Diane when I first met her. She was working with my cat.

Then a couple of years ago, after not seeing each other for months, we got together  for dinner, and I was stunned by her transformation.  She had lost about 40Ibs, and had a very modern haircut and her nails done.  She seemed to be getting around a lot better!

After complimenting her on her incredible transformation, I asked her what she had done to lose so much weight.  She had already given up gluten and meat before.   She now added sugar, all junk food, and dairy to her list of foods to avoid, and used energy techniques to make that change easy.

Now she has lost a total of 70Ibs.   She is much happier and off all of her pain medications!  She says she doesn’t even need Tylenol!   Walking a mile is no problem, and it doesn’t trigger pain any more.  She says she probably could do more, but it’s not something she enjoys doing.

She feels younger and everyone is noticing!   Her quality of life, and being pain free has improved immensely!   Why?  She’s made a serious commitment to getting healthier regardless of her age!  And with effective techniques to make change happen, she was able to easily implement the changes she needed to make!

The Long Term Benefits

By making these dietary shifts, and the subsequent weight loss, Diane has lowered her risk of developing other autoimmune diseases, pain, neurodegeneration, including Alzheimer’s, and other chronic ailments.  Her future is looking so much brighter than before!

You Can Reverse the Aging Process Too!

Diane now, looking and feeling amazing!

Diane does not have to be unusual in her reversed aging process.  You can get younger (biologically) too regardless of whether sugar is your vice!    Personally, I’ve been feeling older this year because I had tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, and kept getting injured thanks to damage done by mixed connective tissue disease.    But after releasing barriers and working with a structural integration specialist, I am moving so much more freely than before!   And this helps me feel younger!

If you still need more convincing that you can reverse the aging process, check out the amazing effects of a positive mindset with aging.

As long as you are alive, why not have a body and brain that allows you to fully take advantage of what life has to offer?  If this appeals to you, sign up 3 Secret Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia  here, and get information about my latest talks in How to Keep Your Brain Young at Any Age.    Can’t wait to reverse the aging process?  Contact me here for a complimentary consultation!



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