Opioids vs. natural pain relief

Opioids vs. natural pain relief

How to become an opioid addict

Sally was a college student who was prescribed Nicodin (an opioid) by her doctor after a surgery to repair her foot.  At first, she just took it to relieve the pain.  But then she noticed the buzz she got and the confidence that came with it.  She started taking it simply because she liked how it made her feel.  It wasn’t long before she found she needed a higher dose to get the same effect.  So she ran out before she was due for a refill.   She went to another doctor to get more, but as she had to keep increasing her dose to get the same effect, she had to keep finding new doctors to keep up with her growing demand.

When she told her friend about it, he liked the idea of feeling better and decided to try it as well, and soon he was on the same path.   When she tried to stop, she’d experience diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, sweating, anxiety and restlessness, so she’d take more opioids to prevent the withdrawal symptoms.   As her need increased, doctors began to catch on.  So she started looking for illegal opioids and heroin, which are often laced with contaminants.  The more addicted she became, the more focused she became on finding her next fix.   Her grades dropped and then plummeted, and she dropped out of school and lost her housing.  All of her money went to her addiction, and she no longer cared what she had to do to get it.

The opioids went from being simply pain relief to being something she couldn’t live without.  She was addicted and it was destroying her life!

Your chances of addiction are high with opioids!

Have you or a family member ever been prescribed opioids for pain relief from your doctor?

Did your doctor tell you that because opioids are addictive, 21-29% of patients go on to abuse the drugs?  Furthermore,  8-12% become addicted, and about ½ of them transition to heroin.

21-29% of patients prescribed opioids abuse them

Given the large potential for addiction and even conversion to a heroin addict, why not choose natural type of pain relief?

Luckily, with the methods I use, such as the Body Code, my success rate with natural pain relief is high!

As I’ve written in my article How Your Mind Shapes Your Pain, our emotions around our pain affect how we perceive it.   If we are depressed or traumatized by an accident, it reduces our ability to recover from injury.

Plus Dr. Nelson who developed the Body Code and Emotion Code, discovered that clients who had more trauma had a harder time recovering from the injuries.  He discovered that we store our issues in our tissue, and releasing trapped emotions was often the key to healing.

So how effective is natural pain relief with the Body Code and energy medicine?

for pain choose natural pain reliefMy success so far has depended on the type of pain.   I would divide my experience into 3 categories:

  1. Not effective… yet:

So far, I’ve only had 2 clients with a tingling pain, and the strategies I used at the time were not successful.  Since then I’ve made some discoveries in the underlying cause of this type of pain, and added a new technique that could change future outcomes.

2.  Helpful, but not sufficient

For this category of clients, I’ve been able to help reduce their pain.  Usually if I reach a limit in terms of what I can do, they need to see someone who does a type of body work.  Luckily I’m always guided to the most effective strategy for them.  Sometimes, it’s a technique I know little about!   Sometimes I get guided to send them to specific healers.  For example chiropractors can vary widely with what they do, so I always test to see which one would be best for them.  Sometimes the client needs to do physical therapy or work with the pilates reformer.

Sometimes the pain is due to a surgery or injury.   I help clients release barriers to recovery to speed up the rate of healing.  This often cuts the recovery time from 50-60% faster than otherwise expected!

3.  Complete elimination of pain

For some clients, working with me has been sufficient to completely eliminate their pain.   Often times this can accompany a return of mobility.  For example,  I had a client who had an old injury from a decade before.  She found more mobility in her shoulder after releasing imbalances with the Body Code.  I had another client who couldn’t bend over for months, and 20 minutes into the session, she could do a downward dog on her yoga mat!   I had another client who had lower and upper back pain due to multiple sclerosis (MS).  We not only completely eliminated all of his back pain, but I also stopped the antibody attack that happens with autoimmune diseases.  Then I remyelinated his nerves and all his symptoms of MS disappeared as well!

If the pain is due to inflammation, I’ve been able to decrease the inflammation quickly!    I had a client who’s pain completely disappeared from a 5/10 to 0 in under 2 minutes.   She hadn’t been pain free for months!   The effect lasted 4 hrs.  In order to make the pain completely go away, we have to get at the underlying causes of inflammation.

With long term pain, sometimes it’s necessary to break up scar tissue to enhance mobility and get the body back into alignment.  If this needed, I offer the option of working both myself and with an fantastic massage therapist named Sonya Grace from Graceful Healing.   The combination of energy and body work has a synergistic effect on its ability to enhance mobility, comfort and functioning!

Summarizing what is possible with natural pain relief

You are leaving painSo between what I do and appropriate referrals to Body Workers, I’m able to substantially reduce or eliminate about 90% of the complaints of pain that I see.   I believe my success will continue to rise with the new methods that I’ve added (and will likely continue to add) to my practice.

Pain relief can be fast!  While its faster to take a pill, you are dependent on pills over the long term.  Most anti-inflammatories can cause gastrointestinal issues over the long term, and opioids are addictive.  No thank you!   I have found using my methods that most types of pain can be substantially reduced or eliminated permanently in just 1 session!

For most pain I see, I can substantially reduce or eliminate it in one session!

Do you know anyone experiencing chronic pain?   Anyone who’s lifestyle is compromised by pain?  Do you know anyone who is has had an injury or needs to recover from surgery?   Please let them know that there are safer ways to treat pain than to take addictive pharmaceuticals!   The opioid epidemic is contributing to loss of productivity, overloading addiction treatment centers, increasing homeless, crime and deaths due to overdose or suicide!

Please let them know I offer a complimentary consultation to give them a better sense of what is possible!





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