Healthy Choices Made Easy

Healthy Choices Made Easy

Terry came to me concerned about her weight. She had lost 40Ibs through weight watchers, but she was constantly worried about gaining it back, and she wanted to lose 30Ibs more.   She would get intense and regular cravings for salty foods and sweets, and was always thinking about food.   Then when she would eat, she found herself eating far more than she should have, whether it was at restaurants with friends, or at home alone.   At the worst of her eating habits, she could gain weight very fast. Just before we addressed this issue she had gained 11Ibs in 2 weeks!   While she exercised, she only did so about 2 times a week, which wasn’t enough to lose the weight she wanted to let go of.  She decided it was time to make healthy choices!

Because the subconscious knows, I was able to determine that 26% of her difficulty losing weight was due to her eating habits, and 9% was due to exercise habits.

making it easier to say no to unhealthy foodOver 4 sessions, we worked to release barriers to saying “no” to too much food; the desire to self-sabotage; the addictions to the foods she craved; the triggers to wanting to eat too much; and the ancestral thoughts and emotions around food that were exacerbating her own.  We released barriers to desiring healthy foods, specifically fruits and vegetables.   And lastly, we released barriers to making exercise a higher priority, and doing cardiovascular exercise.

Now she no longer has cravings and her regular obsession with food is gone.  She only eats when hungry, is no longer overeating, and when she eats, she completely enjoys the experience!   Before we worked on this issue, she was able to eat ½ a pizza, but now it only took one slice to feel satiated, and she even felt no desire to eat for the rest of the day!

She said for the 24 hrs after our fourth session, she was so excited by the shifts that she couldn’t sleep!

Eat your vegetablesHer choices are now healthy as well!  She’s eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, started a smoothie habit, and finding that she’s completely enjoying her new healthy eating habits!   Plus she’s now exercising 5 times a week and doing more cardio workouts!  She feels like she’s in control of her intake, and in alignment with her weight loss goals, and that she no longer worried about sabotaging herself again!

Some people are never able to change their habits. Others change and then find themselves self-sabotaging, and eventually try again. Sometimes after enough tries, they give up. Those that invest in more traditional forms of support, like coaching will often need to work with a health coach for many months, and the change is slow and gradual. With habit change using other methods, set backs are normal, because our subconscious mind (which occupies 95% of our brain) isn’t in alignment with our conscious intentions.   Under stress, our willpower gets quickly exhausted, and we turn back to old familiar habits to relieve our stress.

When we work with the subconscious mind using the Body Code, we release all the drivers to sabotage.   We also identify and release any inherited beliefs and emotions that make it so hard to change.   Because we align the  subconscious mind with your conscious intentions for change, you no longer need to exhaust your limited willpower to make habit change easy.  This is a why the Body Code is such an effective tool for change.

Isn’t it time to make change easy?

same? or change? Your choice

This is my current offer:  Prices are subject to change:

Change 1 habit for just *$397, and 2 for **$597.   Have more than 2 habits to change? Contact me to receive your personalize offer.

Changing one habit usually takes a minimum of 3 months with coaching, is less effective and costs an average of $400/month.   Save yourself hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in coaching, future health care costs, and enhance your quality of life.

What are you waiting for?   Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.

* includes up to 6 sessions as needed.

** includes up to 8 sessions as needed.

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