How to Overcome Abandonment Issues

How to Overcome Abandonment Issues

Do you know someone who has abandonment issues?

My client (let’s call her Anne to protect her identity) came to me struggling with backaches, headaches and vision problems that came with stress, exhaustion and overwhelm.

She had been struggling with these issues for years. But they were getting worse when she returned back to work after taking a leave of absence.

With all the pain and fatigue, she was finding it a real challenge to manage all her responsibilities as a mom and a new business owner.

Abandonment Issues

abandonment issues as a childHer sources of stress, according to her, were her new business and relationships with her extended family. We found out later she was suffering from abandonment issues.

So we worked first to release her pain and build up her energy. Then we identified abandonment issues in her relationships and released the various triggers of stress to make her day-to-day life more manageable.

After 6 sessions, she was taking better care of herself, handling stress well, no longer experiencing pain, and beginning to stay on top of things.

The healing continued as we addressed the tension and anger she had with her family, and the betrayal she felt from her extended family and friends in her small town in Russia.

Overcoming Feelings of Abandonment

abandonment issues no moreAnne had been the caretaker for her siblings when they were small, and she now felt they were not only ungrateful but that they didn’t care about her at all.

She felt like her family couldn’t accept her relationship with her husband. She felt like she was being punished by them for the choice she made to leave her country.

It felt like they only cared about themselves.

We worked to release her feelings of abandonment, of her resentment and bitterness about the way her family treated her. Moreover, we released barriers to welcome more compassion and caring people into her life.

Embracing Love

Anne went back to her town in Russia and surprised her siblings. While she planned to do what she could to repair her relationships, she went without any expectations of the outcome.

She showed up at her sister’s door with lunch, and her sister welcomed her with open arms! Not only that, her sister spent the entire time with her, and she couldn’t believe the reception she got.

Old friends, neighbors and family members organized many parties to celebrate her return. She couldn’t believe the love she felt!

overcoming abandonment issues

Today, she radiates joy when she sees me. Her business is taking off, and she’s loving her work.

She is blown away by the opportunities that are coming her way and having a hard time believing her success.

Best of all, she regularly hears from her family and friends back home. They want to know what she’s up to. Anne now feels loved, validated and appreciated.

Her friends noticed the difference, and regularly comment about how radiant she looks.

Abandonment Issues Treatment

Anne is a real-life example of a client who experienced emotional abandonment. Because we addressed the underlying feelings and neural networks in her brain that were driving those stories, she was able to release the negative thinking and feeling patterns and embrace a new healthier reality.

In contrast, I had an ex who struggled with abandonment. And because he constantly sought to resolve his issues with new relationships, he was constantly re-triggering his abandonment issues. His story never changed because he couldn’t accept that the change had to start with him.


Do you feel like no one cares? Do you often feel abandoned by your friends, lovers, or family?  Trust me, I know how painful that is.

Luckily, your reality can change if you are willing to address the underlying causes.

If you are ready to attract loving, stable and compassionate relationships into your life, contact me for your complimentary consultation.

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