From Struggle to Ease with Job Search

From Struggle to Ease with Job Search

*Emily had spent 3 weeks in a job search for an administrative position full time. Because she had been a recruiter for many years, this was a very long time for someone with her experience and qualifications.   She was looking for an administrative position because she believed that with a recruiting job, that it would be impossible to have a reasonable work-life balance.   Given her experience, she was having a hard time believing her job search was taking more than just a couple of days!

The common theme she heard when interviewed, was that she was over qualified.  It seemed employers didn’t believe she would find the job to be interesting.   So we asked her subconscious what she needed to do to get a job.

Her subconscious suggested that she needed to better tailor her resume to her audience. If she wanted an administrative job, her resume had to reveal her skills as an administrative assistant, rather than as a recruiter. She was impressed that the subconscious made that recommendation, and agreed that that was what she needed to do.

We also learned from the subconscious that we needed to release the belief that she wouldn’t be able to get a recruiting job with reasonable hours.   I released the thoughts and emotions that fed that belief.

Finally, we got that she had to pick up the phone, and follow-up with people she had sent resumes to.

Found a jobI called her 3 days after her session, and she gleefully reported that she had found a job as a project manager!  She felt like it had perfect hours, was closed to home, the pay was much better than an administrative job, that it would be interesting, and she would be working for a company with lots of opportunities for future work.   She said that for the first time ever, she felt very lucky!

When I asked her whether she had done something differently to make that happen, she reported that she had changed her resume immediately, and called multiple employers that she had already connected with to follow up!

Know anyone struggling to find a job?   We can work with the subconscious to identify the barriers getting in the way.   We can release negative emotions and beliefs, and identify the key steps they need to do to find their ideal job.  For more information, they can learn about the Body Code here, and sign up for a complimentary consultation here.


*name is changed to protect the identity of client.


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