Is clearing a lifetime of prejudice that easy?

Is clearing a lifetime of prejudice that easy?

This is something I ‘m very uncomfortable admitting, but I am not as opened minded and universally accepting of all people as I’d like to be.   I’m suspecting I’m not alone.  In order for our brains to remember information, we tend to categorize things, and that includes people too.  So if we have one or several negative experiences with someone of a particular race/class or other characteristic, we may not trust them as much as other groups who we’ve had more positive experiences with.  But I just discovered that prejudice can be genetically ingrained as well!


I love all the stereotypes this woman breaks!

For as long as I can remember I’ve had no desire to associate with a group of people I’m going to call “Tribe X”, and have often tried to avoid them.    I’ve been less forgiving of them as a group, and less likely to see them as individuals.  Interestingly, I have had good friends from this tribe who I’ve loved who I deemed as exceptions to my stereotypes.  I thought this prejudice had to do with early life negative experiences, but I decided to address my anger and negative feelings once and for all.  After tapping on the experiences with members of this tribe that upset me with EFT, I still felt that anger towards Tribe X, but didn’t know where it came from.  Turns out its source was a trapped emotion of blame that went back for generations through my family!  Once I released it, the relief was instant.   My anger was gone, and all of the sudden I felt I could see members of tribe X as individuals.  With this came a powerful feeling of forgiveness, and ease.

Imagine a world where people faced their inner demons, their own prejudices by using EFT and clearing trapped emotions.  Is it possible?   Are you ready to join me and take the first step?



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