Feeling Stuck in Reaching your Personal Goals?

Feeling Stuck in Reaching your Personal Goals?

If you are feeling stuck in reaching your personal goals, here are some common excuses and how to bite them in the butt!

Do you have personal goals that you would like to achieve but just don’t seem to be making enough headway?

*Often time we let our excuses get in the way of achieving what is important to us.   But life is precious.  You never know how long you will have to live and how much time you’ll really have to reach your dreams.   Regularly working towards your dreams gives your life meaning, it enhances your self-worth, and it makes you more influential with others.   You have to decide, do you want to live a life you will celebrate OR regret in your old age?

Here are some common excuses we have, and some strategies to bite them in the butt!

A.)   I  don’t have the time.

This is my personal favorite, as I have more on my plate than I can ever achieve.  That being said, since I’ve worked to release subconscious barriers to my productivity, I am infinitely more productive than I ever have been in my life.   What has helped?

1.)  Letting go of perfectionism.

I used to be only satisfied with getting things done 100% correctly.

I still care about doing things well, but I now more comfortable with letting non-manditory details go.  How did I do this?  By releasing subconscious barriers using the Body Code.

2.)  Prioritizing:

Setting priorities is essential when you have your own business, and sometimes this means I have to let the less important things go.  I’ve found hiring a business coach (or life coach) useful to help set priorities and for the accountability I need.

3.)  Delegating:

If you the head of the household or if you have the money to hire others, I strongly recommend delegating the things that you don’t enjoy.  It relieves your stress, helps others pay the bills and allows you more quality time to do the things that matter.

B.)  I don’t have the money


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For most of my life, I worked for others and had the mindset that if I don’t have the money, then I can’t spend it.   In general I don’t recommend going into debt when you don’t have to, but there are certain situations where going into debt is more likely to enhance your wealth in the long term.

In the US we seem to accept the idea of going into debt to pay for your home, your car or education.  But we rarely think about the importance of our mental health.   

Investing in your mental health however is one of the best things you can do to progress financially, and to help you reach your personal and professional goals.   That is of course, if what you invest in works.

Here is an example of how my client Diane Garwood benefitted from investing in her mental health:

There were a few things about my life that needed a little fine tuning, mainly in managing a new and profound interest, and building it into a career. I had no idea how to do just that. After just a couple of sessions with Tina, I noticed that changes started to happen…good changes. My procrastinating has pretty much completely disappeared (and I have procrastinated my whole life)!! I am getting more and more organized and have more energy in what I do and how I spend my days. And maybe the most surprising (and exciting) thing, is I am actually starting to make money”

–Diane Garwood, Woodinville, WA

C.)  Blaming your situation on others

You may feel trapped by your situation, and may feel like there’s no way out.  But have you noticed that there always people around who seem to have found ways around their limitations?  Think of Helen Keller, Beethoven, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Hawking, JK Rowling and Malala Yousafzai.  You can learn morea about their lives here.

Your perception is your reality.  While you might look at your situation and see insurmountable walls, others may see them as fun challenges.  So changing your perception can change your reality.   I see this regularly with clients and have seen it in my own life.   Changing your perception of yourself, others and the world can open the possibilities of what you are able to achieve.   I used to have a pretty negative view of men (in the framework of dating), and dropping that view opened my world to enjoyable dating experiences, and friendships!    A client who was always stopped by internal monologs of “I can’t”, was able to finally get an ideal job for her when she let those messages go.     

So how do you change your perception and thus your reality?   I know of no other better way than by releasing subconscious barriers.  How?  Listen to my interview and give me a call at 1855 ENERJOY if you would like to take advantage of my  free 1 hr consultation.

Now its your turn.  What is your favorite excuse and how do you overcome it?   Please share your wisdom!

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