Team People vs. Team Corona: Who’s Side Are You On?

Team People vs. Team Corona: Who’s Side Are You On?

I like to think of our ability to fight the Coronavirus as if we are were an army of people against the army of viruses. 

When a virus infects an individual, it invades cells to find ways to replicate. If the individual has an army (his immune system) with everything it needs, the person has a much better chance of fighting the growing army of viruses in his body before the viruses are able to have much control.

Viruses also replicate by spreading through the population. A virus looks for opportunities to survive and replicate, and every person it encounters becomes an opportunity for conquest.

The more we feed the virus with its favorite food source: humans, the more it can replicate.  A virus without social distancing and proper medical treatment can decimate a population.  

The less we feed the virus , the less it can replicate, and Team People wins.fight the Cononavirus

But if many people in Team People decide that social distancing is not for them, then they become opportunities for the virus to infect, replicate and get stronger. Team Corona wins. 

A vulnerable population doesn’t have what it needs to fight a pandemic. So what do we need to fight a virus as smart as the Coronavirus?

  • We need healthy immune systems
  • We need to not allow ourselves to be prey to Team Corona (by following social distancing guidelines and good hygiene)
  • We need good medical care
  • And we need to understand that we have to be on the same team. And that every person that feeds the virus, makes us all more vulnerable to getting infected.

Freedom is a luxury

In times of war, it can be dangerous.

What if the invading army was trying to hunt your people down, and one member dedicated that they refused to live in fear.   So in the middle of a large group of people huddled in hiding, they start shouting? 

The shouter has just made the whole group easier to find.

The person who chooses to ignore social distancing is like the shouter who betrays the group to the invading army.

Don’t be the shouter who gives Team Corona what it wants!

Be all that you can be. Join the people army!  

Join Team People!  We can’t let Team Corona eat and defeat us!  We can’t let Team Corona divide us!   The best way to defeat Team Corona is when we stand strong and united, and fight it together!



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