Taming the Sugar Monster

Taming the Sugar Monster

The Sugar monster

I had a client who had a sugar addiction, and found it impossible to resist sweets.   People were regularly bringing in baked goods and candy to work.  And it wasn’t usual for him to eat an entire serving tray of cookies!

He often said his sugar addiction was so bad that it was even easier to give up alcohol!   He had been eating this way for his entire life, and so had others in his family of origin!

 Releasing the causes

After the 1stsession, he reported becoming more consciously aware of his eating and how it affected him.   Now instead of eating tons of sweets every day, he found himself eating them 1-2x per week!

In the 2ndsession, we worked on his blood sugar and his alignment healthy eating habits.. The following week, he reported that his cravings were gone.  And he hadn’t touched the candy his wife had left in the house!


When I asked him if I could tell his story, he said yes, but then admitted that he had a bit of a set back.  He had eaten 4 cookies at a social event this weekend.    Because it had been a month since he ate sugar regularly, I was not concerned.  It can take awhile for our body to adjust to its new normal. Typically, when we substantially reduce our dependence on sugar, we become more sensitive to it when we do eat it    And that in turn reduces our incentives to consume it!

Do you have a sugar addiction?

Hidden in an addiction to soda is an addiction to sugarAre you addicted to sweets, including soda?  Sugar increases your risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s.  Plus  sugar is pro-inflammatory.  It will exacerbate your symptoms of all diseases which involve inflammation (which is most).  Sugar also increases your risk of fungal infections, feeds pathogens, can cause brain fog, interferes with sleep, increases your pain and even depression!

The most effective way to eliminate a sugar addiction is to address the mental and physical causes and triggers, and to get your subconscious aligned with healthy eating. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, contact me here to set up a complimentary consultation.

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