Can We Reverse Alzheimer’s with the Body Code?

Can We Reverse Alzheimer’s with the Body Code?

As a researcher in the fields of Neuroscience and Epidemiology, my primary research was in determining the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s. While I have believed that Alzheimer’s is preventable for a long time, when I was introduced to the Body Code, I began to wonder if it might be reversible.   My first (probable) Alzheimer’s client gave me a lot of hope that it might be.

Here is the story:

Part 1:  Alzheimer’s Patient Shows Dramatic Improvement After Body Code Sessions

Part 2:  Elderly Patient Continues to Improve with the Body Code

Now I have more hope than ever because of the work done by Dr. Dale Bredesen. Learn more about his incredible results in my video: New Hope for Alzheimer’s.

Want more information?  Check out Dr. Bredesen’s book, “The End of Alzheimer’s”.

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