Developing the Ability to Remember Names

Developing the Ability to Remember Names

I used to struggle to remember names.   I’d have to ask people to repeat their names often, and would often give up to avoid the shame of not remembering.  After releasing subconscious barriers that got in the way of my ability to remember names, I led a Meetup hike.  There were 10 new people present.   After introducing ourselves, I went around the circle and repeated everyone’s name without needing additional cues.  The group was instantly impressed, and I did a bit of a double take myself, as if to say, “Who is this person!”.   I was as shocked as they were!   Ever since, when I hear someone apologizing, and saying, “I’m so bad with names”, I think, wow… that’s not true for me anymore!

woman can't rememberKnow anyone struggling with their memory?  Consider working with me to  release subconscious barriers. Our beliefs and emotional response about our memory will interfere with our brain’s ability to do its job.  Plus we should be able to identify nutritional deficiencies or anything else that is getting in the way.   I have even been able to help someone with probable Alzheimer’s.   Intrigued?  Want to learn more?   Learn about the Body Code here, about reversing Alzheimer’s here, and contact me for a complimentary consultation.



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