Releasing Addictions with the Body Code

Releasing Addictions with the Body Code

I had a client that was addicted to pot, drank too much alcohol and played too much chess.

He would smoke 10-15 bowls (Pipes) per day, drink 2-4 alcoholic drinks per day, and had to play chess every day for 1-1.5 hrs.

He had tried to quit smoking pot before, and had successfully before, but it made him angry and resentful that he had to give up something he felt he needed. So to distract himself from his addiction to pot, he played chess 3-5 hrs a day!   After a couple of years of this, he went back to smoking again.

So he asked me to release his addiction to pot, and we worked on all the triggers that made him want to smoke.   Most of those triggers were around his difficulties getting along with people.

By the next session,

smoking pot

things had changed drastically. He was now only smoking 1 bowl every 1-3 days!  When he noticed his pot paraphernalia around the house, he decided to put it away, as he was more interested now in doing what was best for his health!   He said, before that if he needed more than one thing, like to drink a glass of water and smoke, smoking would be his priority. But now with that choice, he’d get a glass of water and forget to smoke!   He was now in fact regularly forgetting about a previous desire to smoke, while at the same time, choosing healthier priorities!

This time he also had no resentment about giving up smoking. He just wanted to be healthy, and felt it was important to make healthier choices!

A wonderful side effect is that he no longer drank alcohol on weekdays, and drank less on weekends.   Plus he no longer feels like he needs to play chess!

say no to drugsAll in all, he feels like all these things that he used to do are no longer addictions. He feels like he has a choice.   Because he is not consuming as much pot and alcohol, he has more energy for work, which is what he wants to be spending his time on.  He now feels like he has more control over his choices!

Know anyone with addictions?   I’ve had several clients who’s addictions have disappeared with just a few sessions.   Like everything else I address, the ability of a client to completely recover is dependent on the number of underlying causes that we need to address. That being said, addictions otherwise are tough to let go of.  Why not make change easy so you can more easily reach your dreams? Imagine your life free of addiction.  What are you avoiding and missing out on by staying dependent on your addictions?

If you are ready to finally let go of the old patterns that are no longer serving you, you can learn more what I do with the Body Code here and contact me here to schedule a 20 min complimentary consultation.



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