Why You Must Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

Why You Must Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)

I once had a client who had a bump in her mouth that wouldn’t go away. The lump would shrink with the release work I did. But it would keep coming back.

She was living in Taiwan at the time.

Inside her apartment were big-screen TVs that were wired to computers. The apartment was filled with EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) throughout the building, and I got that the EMFs were interfering with her ability to heal.

Her bump did not go away until she moved back home to her low-tech apartment in the US.

I had another client who was not sleeping well. It turned out her bedroom was facing a house with three WIFI routers. With my help, we took the necessary steps to protect herself.

She was finally able to get the sleep she needed.

These two clients are not unusual. I regularly see clients who exhibit symptoms of excessive EMF exposure.

As a Holistic Brain Health Practitioner in helping clients identify underlying causes, I am gravely concerned about the amount of EMFs we are exposed to. I frequently find that excess EMF exposure increases the risk of pain, insomnia, difficulty recovering from illness or injury, autoimmune issues, anxiety, difficulty focusing, infertility, and cancer.

What Are Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs)?

Look around you and you’ll see gadgets that emit electromagnetic fields or EMFs. Your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, laptop, refrigerator, Alexa, blender, batteries, security cameras, and WIFI all radiate EMFs. They’re virtually everywhere.

As technology advances, the public concern over the increasing exposure to EMFs grows.

So what are EMFs? Basically, we are all electrical beings since we produce some sort of electromagnetic field.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, an EMF is an invisible energy, often referred to as radiation, that is often associated with the use of electrical power.

Nicolas Pineault, author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs,” says there are four types of EMFs that we need to watch out for.

Four Types of EMFs

1. Radio Frequency — AM/FM radio, TVs, WIFI, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, smartphones, 5G networks.
2. Magnetic Fields — Chargers for electronics, high voltage power lines, electrical panels, houses with faulty wiring, electric current on water/ gas pipes.
3. Electric Fields — Household wiring, power strips, ungrounded electronics, cords, lamps, and lighting.
4. Dirty Electricity — CFL or fluorescent light bulbs, solar panel inverters, dimmer switches.

Concerns About 5G

5G is the next-generation broadband connection that will replace 4G LTE.  The top carriers in the US — Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile — are in a race to bring 5G to major cities in the country.

This year, cities including San Francisco, San Jose, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, and many others will have 5G.

But is 5G safe?

Our bodies vibrate at 7.83Hz. A 4G iPhone can vibrate at 2.7GHz.  That is literally billions times more intense that our bodies were designed to handle.  Our bodies are not evolved to handle such fast frequencies.

And here is the kicker with 5G. It will be vibrating at 28-300GHz, another 1-2 orders of magnitude higher!

In order to test for the safety of EMFs, the FCC uses SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin). SAM is a mannequin equivalent to a 220Ib male, filled with water. SAM holds his phone at least 5mm away from his ear, and at a 15-degree angle.

He only talks for < 6 min per day where he is exposed to the highest radiation our cell phones emit. If his temperature goes up 2 degrees or less, then the FCC considers it safe for us!

Seriously! If I were 8 yrs old and if I submitted this project to the school fair, the best I would get would be a ribbon for effort.

Our bodies are much more complex than a mannequin stuffed with water, and it is my personal opinion (although I am not alone) that the FCC is being grossly negligent!

Why Are EMFs So Dangerous?

EMFs cause damage to the basic functioning of our bodies at a core level. This is why it is associated with so many adverse health effects. Here are a few reasons why EMFs are dangerous. EMFs:

  • Increase free radicals.
  • Use up glutathione (your master anti-oxidant) and glutathione peroxidase.
  • Cause DNA damage.
  • Allow excess calcium in our cells.
  • Open the blood-brain barrier.
  • Allow toxins and pathogens into the brain.
  • Reduce your body’s ability to heal.
  • Disrupt melatonin and sleep.
  • Make your red blood cells clumpy, thus reducing blood flow and oxygen delivery.
  • Increase the stress hormone cortisol.

All of the above mechanisms contribute to accelerated aging.  So it would be no surprise to me if the list of adverse outcomes associated with excess EMF exposure continues to grow.

The Dangers of EMFs and Why You Must Protect Yourself

As a Holistic Brain Health provider, I identify the underlying causes of what contributes to my client’s complaints. EMFs frequently come up as a major underlying cause, and it seems to be growing with the installation of 5G in my community.

I’ve found that excess EMFs have contributed to:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Problems focusing
  • Anxiety
  • Greater difficulty recovering from illnesses & injuries
  • Pain
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Fertility concerns

And the research literature is growing to support my claims!

Nick Pineault reviewed 135 papers written by the top EMF experts in the world that link FCC-approved levels of EMFs (before 5G) to health side effects, both directly and indirectly.

Because EMFs cause damage to the basic functioning of our bodies at a core level, there are many possible adverse health effects.

Here is a summary of his 10 known adverse health effects of EMFs that we are commonly exposed to.

1. EMFs increase the risk of  electro-hypersensitivity (EHS)— Pinault summarized the literature of the prevalence of EHS around the world from 1997 to 2007.  He found a steady increase in electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) over the years from 1.5% in Sweden in 1997, to 13.3% in Taiwan in 2007.  EHS is characterized by a large number of symptoms, including skin problems, hypersensitivity to light, weakness, fatigue, heart problems, headaches and migraines, pain in joints and muscles, brain fog, memory and concentration problems, issues with sleep and more.  People who are more mildly affected have symptoms like headaches and difficulty sleeping.  Regrettably, Sweden is the only country that recognizes EHS as a functional impairment, and not “all in your head”.

2. EMFs Might Increase Your Cancer Risks — In 2011, the International Agency For Research On Cancer (IARC) categorized EMFs as a class 2B “possible” carcinogen, putting EMFs in the same category as DDT, a pesticide banned since 1972.  Numerous studies have shown a link between increased cell phone use, brain tumors, breast and skin cancers.

3. EMFs Can Screw Up Your Male Hormones — Pineault also found that increased RF radiation can affect fertility in men.  Using a laptop (on your lap), and even prolonged use of a cell phone can significantly decrease sperm count in men.  And higher levels of exposure can increase damage to testes and decrease testosterone.

4. EMFs Can Screw Up Your Female Hormones Too — Elizabeth Plourde found a strong link between EMFs and symptoms of early menopause.  Females exposed to radiation from a cell phone have increased risk of endometrial damage, thus affecting the product of eggs.

5. EMFs Can Mess Up Your Head — Martin Pall, PhD. found 26 studies that show an association between EMFs and neuropsychiatric effects.   Studies show that just a few minutes of RF exposure can affect your mood and memory.  Higher EMF exposure can increase anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.  EMFs also increase risk of headaches, of short-sightedness and tinnitus.   They damage the myelin sheath which is responsible for the conduction of electrical signals in nerve cells, thus increasing one’s risk for movement disorders and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.  Swiss researchers even found that people who live near high voltage power lines for 1 year have a 24% increase in risk in developing Alzheimer’s disease. The risk increases to 100% if you live in that area for 10 years!

6. EMFs Can Make You Fat — So can EMFs impact your weight? You bet. They increase cortisol levels, disrupts melatonin, and decrease insulin levels in your body.  Because of *increased cortisol and melatonin production, it often effects our abilities to get good quality sleep.  This in turn prevents the  body from detoxifying and healing, and which is essential for a healthy weight.  EMF, via increased cortisol, also increases food cravings.  Just a 50-minute cell phone exposure was enough to increase blood sugar!

7. EMFs Are Hurting Your Heart — Ever wonder why the FDA is warning people with pacemakers to keep their phones at least six inches away from their artificial hearts? That’s because RF radiation can interfere with these devices. Studies have shown that talking on a cell phone can increase your blood pressure. It was also found that talking on a cell phone for 20 minutes decreased heart rate variability of 32 healthy students, and that this effect lasted for 20 minutes following the call.  Because  EMFs increase intracellular calcium, it would make sense that they would increase the risk of plaques and cardiovascular disease.

8. EMFs Can Increase Toxins in Your Body — EMFs directly affect your body’s detoxification organs. Research has shown that EMFs cause damage to the liver, kidneys, bladder and skin in animal models.  EMFs also open up the protective barriers, and that allows more toxins and pathogens to enter in our guts, our brain, our eyes and more.   Plus EMF exposure enhances the toxic effect of mercury, carcinogens and mold.

9. EMFs Can Cause Gut Problems — There is now a plethora of research showing that we need a healthy microbiome for a healthy weight, for our ability to fight infections, for our mood and more.   Unfortunately, EMFs have been shown to slow down the growth rate of good bacteria, making invaders like viruses and parasites way stronger.  Furthermore, Dr. Klinghardt has shown that candida and mold can spew up to more than 600x more biotoxins when exposed to EMFs!

EMFs also increase the risk of leaky gut. Because a leaky gut allows more toxins and pathogens to enter our guts, it can explain the increased risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases that we are seeing.

10. EMFs Are Harming Your Children — Because there is a much higher water content in children, they absorb up to 60% more energy than adults do, thus their vulnerability to EMFs is much higher.    In animal models, fetal exposure to EMFs have so far have been linked to kidney development, bone growth and the growth of the vascular system.  In humans, fetal EMF exposure has been linked to obesity and asthma in children.  Both prenatal and postnatal exposure (up to age 7) of EMFs is linked to increased emotional problems and hyperactivity in children.  And both Dr. Martin Pall and Dr. Klinghart have convincing evidence showing that EMFs play a central role in the rising epidemic of autism.

Why this topic is controversial:

In reviewing the literature, I realize that much of the information above is considered controversial. While there is plenty of supporting evidence, there are also plenty of studies that refute Nick’s conclusions.   Why?   I believe it is because some of us are more sensitive to toxic effects than others.  They do not take into account the subject’s overall toxic load, and other unknown variables that make some people more vulnerable than others.  When looking at studies in the general populations, the damage to more vulnerable populations can get washed out.  But I have no doubt from my experience with clients (and from what I hear from my colleagues in functional and naturopathic medicine), that we often see EMFs as a strong contributing factor to many of the health issues listed above.  I believe that with increased exposure and intensity (thanks to 5G), that the relationship between EMFs and these health outcomes will become more obvious.

How to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure

Knowing what I know about the dangers of excess EMF, I am on a personal crusade to keep as many people as safe as possible.   There are long lists of things that the experts recommend, but here are some important ones to start with for the general population.  You will need to do more if you are showing symptoms.

  1. Push all electronics at least 6 feet away from your sleeping area.
  2. Turn off WIFI router when not in use.
  3. When carrying your phone, keep it away from your head and body, especially if it’s not properly protected.  Texting is safer than talking.
  4. Or better yet, cover your phone, iPad or computer with a case designed to protect you from EMFs (SafeSleeve or DefenderShield).
  5. Put Shungite in the areas of your house and office where there is a lot of electricity, especially your router and smart meters. Shungite has fullerenes which is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is also grounding.
  6. Put Shungite in your car, especially if it’s electric or a hybrid.
  7. Wear Shungite jewelry, Nikken Insoles, or Nikken’s magnetic jewelry.
  8. Get grounded! Spend some regular time outdoors with nature. Or, better yet, get a Nikken grounding mat.


If you want to know more about EMFs and how you can protect yourself and your family from these radiations, then let’s schedule a time to talk.  Everyone’s needs will vary depending on their environment, the geopathic stress in their home and work environment, and their health.   I can specifically tailor optimal recommendations for you and your family. Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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