The Power of Releasing the Heart Wall with the Emotion Code

The Power of Releasing the Heart Wall with the Emotion Code

I had a client who had been single for almost 4 yrs., and never had been married. She really wanted to have a family, and felt like her clock was ticking.   She asked me to check if she had a heart wall, and we discovered that she had a very thick one.   (Learn more about the heart wall here.)

The subconscious assigns the heart wall a substance, and I have had clients with heart walls made of water, of leaves, of plastic, wood, and even substances that I had not heard of before, but were significant to my clients!  In her case, her heart wall was made of paper.   While it can be fun to determine the substance associated with the heart wall, it is essentially made of trapped emotions, which need to be released.

heart wallAfter releasing her heart wall, she started dating her best friend of 20 years!   He had been in love with her this whole time, but every time they started getting close, she would run away. This time she realized that he was the one she wanted to be with.

They soon started spending all their time together, and just 2 months after dating, they moved in together.   I remember months later her saying to me, “Dr. Tina, we are so happy together! We laugh all the time!”.

Now 4 years later, they are still in a committed relationship and have started a family!

Do you struggle with finding love? Do you have a hard time finding passion for things you used to enjoy?  You may have a heart wall.

Want to know if you have a heart wall?  If so, contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation here.

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