The Power of Protect Stones

The Power of Protect Stones

Three months ago, I was introduced to the power of gemstones through shungite.   The vendor next to my table at a wellness fair, Cosmic Reality was selling shungite, and I found myself drawn to the their table.

The Power of Shungite

They told me that they were bee-keepers and that they had lost all their colonies.  In a desperate attempt to find a solution to bring back the bees, they discovered shungite.   They raised more bees, and this time put little shungite pellets in the entrances to their hives, and found that this allowed their hives to thrive!    They’ve been doing road trips to spread the word about how to save the bees with shungite ever since!

Why shungite? Shungite is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects us from much of the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).   It’s unique fullerene molecular structure soaks up toxins and neutralizes them by donating a hydrogen.   When I heard this I had to learn more.   As a Holistic Brain Health Practitioner, I’m deeply troubled by our exposure to EMFs. I’ve seen it contribute to too many health problems, including anxiety, difficulty focusing, pain, autoimmune diseases, difficulty recovering from illness and injury and more.   I’ve been on a search for years to find safe and effective solutions to protect us!

shungite pyramid

shungite pyramid

I bought some shungite and placed it around our apartment and near our router and electronics, and I immediately felt a difference!  The air felt fresher!  I am particularly sensitive to the effects of negative ions (which come off of waterfalls and after rain) and when you step into a forest.  The shungite made my apartment feel that way!

Searching for methods of protection

Because of my own experience with emotionally toxic people, and autoimmune immune diseases, I’ve been passionate about helping people heal from these experiences.  Because of role of physical and emotional stress in autoimmune diseases,  I have been on the search for answers about how we can best protect ourselves from the physical and emotional toxins that surround us.  My experience with shungite and with a gemstone bracelet I received as gift, made me consider the power of gemstones.

I read a book on the subject, and started experimenting with different stones.  While the effects varied depending on the stone, I was shocked by how powerful they could be!   I realized I could create gemstone jewelry on the outside, to help you feel safe and cozy on the inside, and ProtectStones was born!


Currently, the 3 main bracelets I make feature either shungite, tourmaline and quartz, or hematite and amethyst.

The Power of Tourmaline and Quartz

While each of the gemstones has multiple benefits, I’m using the tourmaline and quartz to deflect negative energy like radiation and emotional negativity.

tourmaline quartzMy cat has been crying persistently at night and keeping me up for hours!  I am addressing the root causes, but because she needs to detox, it will take a few weeks.   When I first wore my tourmaline and quartz bracelet, she meowed only a few times, and then stopped!  Then I went on a trip and when I returned, she meowed for hours 9 nights in a row. It was so frustrating!   I was losing sleep I desperately needed!   Then I realized that even though I was wearing my tourmaline and quartz bracelet, it wasn’t doing it’s job!   I needed to recharge my gemstone bracelets, so I put them in the sun.  The next evening, she meowed only a few times before she stopped, and I got my sleep again! The shift was clear and obvious!

hematite and amethyst

The Power of Hematite & Amesthyst

Another type of bracelet I make has hematite for grounding and the amethyst for calming.   I made it with the intention to help caregivers with their dementia patients, people with borderline personality disorders, or anyone that is nervous, anxious or suffering from PTSD.

I’m working with a dementia client who came to her session insisting that she didn’t need help and that she was fine.   Denial is so common with dementia patients that it is listed as a symptom on the Global Deterioration Scale.   It’s something I struggled with in helping dementia clients before. I  hadn’t figured out how to get past their denial so that I could work with them!

My client insisted for the first half hour of her session that she didn’t need help and that she was fine.   No matter what we said, we couldn’t convince her that she needed help.  Then it dawned on me that her resistance maybe because of her anxiety, and that she was using that story to justify her feelings.   I pulled off my hematite and amethyst bracelet, and offered it to her by asking her if she liked jewelry.   She said no, but took it from me and started fingering it.   I then encouraged her to put it on.  Within one minute, she agreed to work with me!   The hematite and amethyst did its job!

shungite I sell

shungite I sell

I’ve learned that gemstones can have powerful effects.  I also know that effects can vary between people.    If you’d like know whether they can help you or a loved one, check out my ProtectStones here.  I also carry shungite pyramids, pendants, stickers for your electronic devices, elite pellets for water and smooth stones.    If you’d like to know what you need to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) or radiation. give me a call to get a personal assessment of what you need to stay safe!







  1. Dani
    May 17, 2019

    Thank you, Dr. Tina! You provide such enthusiastic and excellent care! Namaste!

    • Tina
      May 17, 2019

      Thank you Dani for your kind words! I certainly do what I can!

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