Permission to Grieve

Permission to Grieve

Memorial Day.

Usually it’s for grieving over the loss of our war veterans.

But this year, let’s use it to honor our grief for what we’ve lost due to COVID-19.

While I believe its important to look for the silver linings and stay positive, it’s essential that we take the time we need to grieve our losses.

We’ve been asked to stay at home, social distance and wear masks.

We’ve had to shelve vacation plans, conferences, opportunities, weddings, funerals, and graduations.

Many of us have had to work with risk of exposure and inadequate protections.

Many of us have lost our jobs and our businesses, and are worried about paying our bills.

Some of us are feeling incredibly alone.

Many of us don’t feel safe around other people.

Some of us are mourning the death of our loved ones.

There are so many other reasons to grieve that I haven’t mentioned here.

Regardless, let’s take the time to honor our pain, our grief our sorrow. Let’s give voice to our despair.

Why? Because our emotions aren’t meant to be buried. They need an outlet.

When we stuff it, its kinda like a virus that never goes away.  We may no longer be conscious of its damage, but it affects how we see the world,  clouds our happiness, and increases our risk of disease.

As they say in AA, the 1st step towards healing, is admitting there’s a problem.

And once you’ve allowed yourself to heal?

permission to grieve, butterfly emerging from cocoonThat’s where the transformation begins!  That’s the place where we get wiser and find new ways of being. It often brings us to a place of greater meaning and purpose.

I like to call it post-traumatic growth.

Allowing ourselves to grieve is essential for our transformation.

So do what you need to do to grieve. Call a friend, write it out, or make an appointment with me.

Growth and a more meaningful life is waiting for you, and it’s so worth the journey!








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