One Simple Experiment to Measure Positive and Negative Energy

One Simple Experiment to Measure Positive and Negative Energy

Most people intuitively know that the energy we project does matter, but according to Joachim Krueger Ph.D. in Psychology today, there is no way to measure the difference between positive and negative energy.

I beg to differ.  I interviewed by Joshua Blatman for his Survivors2Thrivers podcast.   Watch this little demonstration of what happens to coat hangers depending on the energy Joshua projects. Then feel free to try the experiment with wire coat hangers at home.

The experiment:

Apparently it doesn’t work every time.. or does it?

At the end, Joshua asked if it worked every time.  Since the recording of the video, I was telling my housemate, Elli Yokochi about it, and she wanted to try it. As expected, when I held the coat hangers they expanded when she emitted positive energy, and contracted when she was in a more negative place.   Then she wanted to trade places.  No problem I told her.

We did the exact same experiment, with her holding on to the coat hangers and they would barely budge!  It wasn’t clear to me they were doing anything!   I couldn’t believe it!  I asked if she was holding the coat hangers tightly and she said no.  I started to wonder if there was something wrong with my energy, or maybe I thought, the magnetic insoles and necklace I wear were some how interfering.

And then Elli, who is a fellow energy practitioner asked me if it might have anything to do with the fact that she protects herself every morning using an energetic shield!!   My mine was blown!   I said, I don’t know, but asked her if she could take it off so that we can see if it makes a difference.   She removed her energy shield, and we tried the experiment again, and now the coat hangers responded in the same way they had before!

Not only did we have proof that energy can move matter, but also shielding yourself from other’s energy affects whether you receive it!!   WOW!

My inner scientist had to know how.

How thoughts move matter

Emotions (E-motion) is energy in motion.

I first saw the power of our brain state to move objects when I tried neurofeedback for my learning disability.   Electrodes were placed on my skull, and I had to make a Pac-Man character move through the maze with my brainwaves.  I had no idea how I made it happen, but somehow Pac-Man moved, and progressed forward.  And as I got better at producing this brain sate, Pac-Man moved more efficiently through the maze.

Eric Haseltine, Ph.D. wrote an article in psychology today about how we move matter with our thoughts.

The notion is based in quantum physics.

Believe it or not, electrons exist in many places at the same time.  Its called Quantum Superposition.  Some live very close to each other, and some can be very far away. And when you think, electric currents and electromagnetic fields are created that influence electrons both in our heads and far beyond!

So how did negative and positive energy move coat hangers?

So did the good energy from Joshua create more excited electrons which forced the coat hangers to move outwards?

When he was in a negative state, did the electrons become more stagnant and thus occupy less space?

I don’t know, but if you have a hypothesis or are an expert in quantum physics, please comment below.

positive energy is associated with an expansive postureWhy do the coat hangers act like us?

Our experiment paralleled the notion that our body is more expansive when we are happy or feel powerful.   And in fact we can change our feelings by changing our posture.  Similarly when slouch or assume child’s pose in yoga, we contract, and its easier to get into a negative state.

Proof that our energy matters:

We all know what it means when we say someone has good or bad energy.  Now we have proof that your energy does affect how coat hangers feel. ; ) Is it that much of a stretch to assume that we sense energy as well as coat hangers?   I don’t think so.

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