Limiting Beliefs about Depression & Suicide

Limiting Beliefs about Depression & Suicide


There are few celebrities I will miss as much as Robin Williams.   I was a huge fan of Mork & Mindy, appreciated his comedic and more serious roles, and valued his good –heartedness and compassion.   And with all that he had to offer, he too like many of us suffered from tremendous despair.   The only good thing about his suicide,is that we are learning more about the nature of suicide and depression. But what distresses me is that I keep hearing, “there is no cure”. I believe that you don’t have to live with depression or suicidal thoughts, and this is why.

I believe that those that say there is no cure are professionals who haven’t looked outside the Western model of mental illness. I think that because they haven’t experienced or studied all modalities, they are doing the public an incredible disservice by presenting such a limiting belief!

In my experience, SSRI’s helped lighten my mood, but they also dulled my passion. They also had side effects, and their effect would wear off after a few years.  Counseling helped me understand why I was the way I was, but gave me little tools for effective change.  I was just told I had to learn to accept myself. But I wasn’t willing to settle.

Thank goodness, I kept looking for solutions!  Out of all the alternative modalities I’ve tried, I’ve had the most success by releasing subconscious barriers using the Body Code.   The key is that we aim to release all of the underlying causes, whether they were trauma from our lives, our ancestor’s lives or physical causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, problems with sleep or neurotoxins.   I regularly help clients release negative belief systems, and I’ve helped clients let go of suicidal thought patterns. We can release the pain, despair, the hopelessness and helplessness.   I do this regularly with clients and they see regular shifts in thinking and releases of negative patterns.

What is on the other side of depression? Imagine no despair or hopelessness getting in the way of you reaching your dreams. Imagine being able to be productive, being able to fully enjoy the company of others or living up a magical moment.   I believe its possible.  I’ve experienced it with my healing and in working with others. Please, let others know, that you don’t have to live with depression or suicidal thoughts.  Slide01

Do you know someone with depression?  You might be interested in my video on How to Help a Person with Depression.

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  1. Holly Downs
    Aug 22, 2015

    I have been through about 4 different magic pills !They caused me to gain weight and be irritable. I really wish there was a cure for the depression gene .I failed at suicide at 14 .I took 70 Tylenol but I lived . I struggled most of my life with trying to be more positive but it is a very negative world . I do not see how anyone can do all that is expected and be happy . If there is life after death and I am reassigned to live on Earth as a human I beg for Downs Syndrome. At least they are happy and blissfully unaware of the vast ugliness of humans . They can truly feel joy

  2. Tina
    Aug 31, 2015

    Hi Holly, I’m sorry life has been such a struggle for you! I know what its like to feel like the world is crushing down on you and that there is no way out! I felt like that for most of my life! Finally after decades of misery, I found techniques that worked. They don’t work like pills though. Things aren’t magically and instantly going to get better. Healing when you have that much despair takes time, but it is well worth the effort! Things get easier and easier and life gets slowly more and more fun. Check out and
    They work, I promise you. You just need to take that first step.

    To your health and happiness,
    -Dr. Tina EnerJoy

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