How to Stay Calm Despite the Family Drama

How to Stay Calm Despite the Family Drama

My client had a particularly manipulative member of the family who was extremely critical of his work on the family property.  My client and other members of his family were concerned that this family member was trying to acquire the property by making life difficult for everyone else who shares ownership.  In preparation for a difficult extended family meeting, we cleared trapped emotions, belief systems and other subconscious barriers to help him stay calm regardless.  Upon returning, he was delighted to report that despite the situation and the tension, he was able to stay calm and clear headed.  Because of this, he was able to firmly state his position in a way that could be received and heard!
calm despite the yelling

Do you have a uncomfortable family dynamic that you would like see change?  Releasing the triggers that cause the tension and stress will help you think more clearly about how to respond. When we let go of old patterns, we make room for the wiser, less emotional, and more articulate version of you.   This helps you be better heard by those you need to influence, and thus be more effective in solving the problems at hand.    

If you would like to learn more about how to release those triggers, you can learn more about what I do here and contact me here to set up a complimentary consultation.

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