Ghosts that Interfere with Healing

Ghosts that Interfere with Healing

I was searching for effective means to address psychosis, and talking to a colleague (an M.D.), who shares my passion for integrative healing modalities.   I asked him if he’d heard about effective approaches to address psychosis, and he pointed me to Dr. Barbara Stone and Robert W. Alcorn, MD who straddle the world between western medicine, shamanic healing and energy medicine.

Earthbound Spirit Attachments:  aka ghosts

On their website,, I was guided to learn about earthbound spirit attachments (aka ghosts).   I learned that they are beings that aren’t able to pass on to another dimension for a variety of reasons.   Often they are confused and don’t know they are dead. Sometimes they don’t want to leave because they are attached to things on earth.  Some are afraid of having to face what they’ve done on earth, and some have unfinished business.

I learned that there is a device called the Luminator that helps people see these entities with Polaroid photographs.  Dr. Acorn presented a video at the International Society of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine conference in 2011 of helping a spiritual attachment to a patient pass on.  You can see the patient’s grandmother literally disappear with his work!

My personal ghost

So then I had to ask if I had an earthbound spirit attachment, and I got a yes!  I admit that that really creeped me out!   Then I learned that that this spirit had attached to me on a trip 15 years ago when I had sprained my ankle, before we were set to do a 4-day trek in China.  I bandaged it up, but I was not taking it well at all.   This was before my days of energy medicine, and I was feeling sorry for myself, and bitter that I wasn’t able to enjoy my trip.  Spirits tend to attach to you when you are feeling low.

I learned that this attachment was only a 3-year old toddler! My sense of creepiness turned to compassion.  I wanted to know how it was affecting me, and I learned that it had been killed in the midst of child abuse!!   That hit hard and powerfully!  In my life, I’ve attracted an unusually high number of abusive people and have felt vulnerable and unprotected.  I’ve lost jobs, my career in research, and housing, over and over, because I kept ending up with abusive people, who I was dependent on for my survival!  I was experiencing a period of calm for a month, and I thought I had figured out how to stop the attacks, and then over the last week, faced abuse from 3 more different people!   I was getting loud and clear messages that I had not been able to stop these patterns!

What had changed was that I am much better at standing up for myself and refusing to accept their abuse.  I know their abuse isn’t about me, but usually about their fragile egos.  Most of the abusers I’ve faced display characteristics that fit the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  When I can see the patterns, I know that I need to extract myself as quickly and safely as I can from the relationship. It’s also easier for me to not take things personally.

How my ghost was affecting me

What had not changed however was that I was still feeling vulnerable to random attacks, and it had me on edge.  For most of my life, dealing with new people has felt like walking on a bed of landmines.  I never knew who I could trust! People who seemed safe, or stable at the beginning would end up turning into monsters around me!   Why did I keep attracting these people?

The discovery of this 3-year old earthbound spirit explained it all!   This earthbound spirit was feeling vulnerable to random attacks.  As it works with earthbound spirits, her energy was getting infused with mine to make me feel this way.  All the healing work I had done on myself hadn’t been enough to help me feel safe.   I had to help this earthbound spirit heal, and help her pass, so that I could feel safe again!!!

So, I released the trauma and inherited trauma from the earthbound spirit.  I felt the difference!  I asked my spirit guides to help this toddler pass and to take good care of her.

Since then, this underlying feeling of stress, anxiety and vulnerability to attacks seems to have lifted. That sense of a constant need for vigilance is gone.  I don’t ever remember feeling that way before!!   I no longer feel as threatened by bullies!

Earthbound spirit kitten!  A ghost kitten?

ghost kittenFor about a year, my cat has been crying almost every morning.  I’ve spent countless hours working to release her fear and anxiety, and entitlement, but the problem did not stay away.  Then I discovered that she wasn’t making enough thyroid hormone and that while licking a table she had a toxin that had weakened her thyroid.   This can often cause crying at night.    It took awhile to detox and then I worked to repair her thyroid.  This helped for a few weeks, but then the problem came back.

I took her to the vet to check her thyroid, and do blood work, and we couldn’t find anything to explain the crying.   I just couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of this problem!

So this morning when she was crying, I realized that she had an earthbound kitten spirit entity!  A 3-month old kitten with attachment issues had attached to her just about when her meowing started one year ago!    I quickly released the trauma from this kitten, and asked my human and feline spirit guides to help her pass.  My cat instantly stopped crying, and then got snuggly.  She then got up to lick my nose, and snuggled up against me to sleep for a couple more hours.   The timing of her shift in behavior made it clear to me that this was not just a coincidence!

Do you have a problem that won’t go away regardless of how much you’ve tried to do?   If so, it might be worth considering a new approach to healing!   Be sure to try the Body Code.  We get at inherited effects and address a wide range of possible underlying causes.   If you still aren’t seeing progress, or you resonate with the idea that your problems are due to more spiritual matters, then check out

Have you had an experience with earthbound spiritual attachment or ghosts?

If so, we’d love to hear your story!  Please share in the comments below!

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