From Couch Potato to Gym Bunny

From Couch Potato to Gym Bunny

My client was getting married in a year, and desperately wanted to be in shape before her wedding.  She knew that one of her biggest challenges in losing weight was that she had no motivation to exercise.  The last time she had been to the gym was 3 years ago.  She recalled that she did not want to be there, and couldn’t wait until it was over!  It had been about 10 years since she had exercised regularly.

She never knew her dad, but had inherited her dad’s lack of desire in being healthy.  After releasing it, I asked her how she felt about working out, and she said neutral, which often happens before they’ve had a chance to process the work.

The following week, she told me that as she was driving home from her appointment with me, she felt this sudden urge

found a motivation to exercise

to join a gym immediately!  She found one gym that was conveniently located on her way home from work, and was impressed by the classes they had to offer.  They were offering a special promotion and an opportunity to have a session with a personal trainer.  She took them up on that offer that evening, and has been going to the gym every day since!  She loves it, she loves her new personal trainer, and she is already feeling better about the way she looks!

She told me that she had gotten in an argument with her housemate, and she told her than if they couldn’t resolve the argument that she was just going to go to the gym! Apparently she went from seeing exercise as a burden, to a way to regroup and process stressful events!

Do you know anyone struggling with motivation to exercise or lose weight?    Why not make habit change easy?   Our will power is limited, and it can be easily depleted by responsibility and doing loving the sit upsthings we don’t enjoy.   If we release the negative emotions and beliefs around an activity that we don’t want to do, then it allows us to find the joy in the things that used to weigh us down.   When we have the drive and motivation to do things we find value in, it becomes easy and fun to do them!

Life is short!  Why not work on changing your habits so that you can aligned with what you want to achieve in life?  Contact me here to set up your complimentary consultation!

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