What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You About Mercury

What Your Dentist Isn’t Telling You About Mercury

Do you still have mercury fillings?

Did you know that in 1991, the World Health Organization admitted that the predominant source of mercury is from your fillings?  Check out the graph on this video!

Your dentist may have once told you that the mercury in your mouth is inert. But check out the video of the vapors coming from mercury with just the slightest stimulation!

How toxic is mercury?   It is hard to know exactly how toxic it is, because funding for such research in the US is so limited.  But there are very compelling reasons for being extremely concerned! Look what mercury does to the neurons in this video!

The evidence for it’s role as a contributor to Alzheimer’s and other diseases is growing.  Some people can clear it out of their systems better than others.

So why does the American Dental Association still promote mercury fillings?   And once you have them, how can you make sure that they will be removed safely?   Many dentists do NOT practice safe mercury removal strategies!

Find out how toxic mercury is, and what to do if you have them in this excellent and thorough article, from the Queen of Hygiene, Barbara Tritz:

Are your Mercury Fillings Making You Sick?

Mercury is bad for all of us, and we are being misled to believe that we should not be concerned.   Please share widely.

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