Can a Narcissist Change?

Can a Narcissist Change?

My client Betty is always positive, kind and good-natured.  She asked me to work on some physical discomfort she was having.  But I always ask if I can check in with the subconscious to make sure there isn’t anything more important to address.   She agreed, and I discovered there was an issue at work that was causing a lot of stress.

Her coworker was harassing her.

Betty then revealed to me that a coworker was regularly coming to her cubicle to criticize or make negative comments about her work.   This coworker was also frequently making complaints about her to management.   She felt like she was walking on eggshells with this coworker.  The situation was so stressful, that she was even considering quitting, even though she loved her job otherwise!

She already had a reputation for being difficult.

Before Betty had arrived at this job just a few months ago, this coworker had already had a reputation for being difficult to work with.   Apparently several other coworkers had asked management for a reassignment from working with this woman, because she was known to be so critical!

Was she dealing with a narcissist?

From her description of the coworker, I started to wonder if she was dealing with a narcissist.  While I’m not qualified to officially diagnose, we did an unofficial diagnosis to get a better sense of what we were dealing with.   She easily matched the criteria of Narcissistic Personality Disorder from the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual (DSM V).

Knowing that Betty’s coworker was probably a narcissist helped informed me about how I should proceed.

We needed to change her response.

Since sociopathic people tend to abuse those who get upset by them, I released barriers so that Betty would no longer get upset by her attempted provocations.

We needed to increase awareness

According to experts, narcissists are unwilling to change.  In my experience with narcissists, (and I’ve had more than my fair share in my lifetime),  I would agree.   Since we can’t seem to inspire narcissists to be empathic or considerate, it seemed like a good idea to address this at a different level of consciousness. I used a method called Court of Atonement to help bring awareness to the souls of all parties involved.

Can a narcissist change?  What happened when this problem was addressed on an astral plane?

The next week Betty reported that things changed drastically at work immediately after our work together!  Her coworker completely stopped the harassment and criticism!  She was no longer going to management to complain about her!   In fact, she seemed unusually quiet and reflective.   Betty was actually getting worried about her!  Her coworker even started apologizing for her behavior!!

I have to admit, I hadn’t dared imagine such a drastic change!    We both felt like a miracle had happened!

Betty now reports that work is fun!   She feels like she can be herself without fear of unfair and unsolicited criticism!

Can a narcissist change for good?

I don’t know whether her coworker will show up differently with everyone she was criticizing, or whether the effects are permanent.  But I have high hopes given what I know about the Court of Atonement, and her sudden awareness of how her behavior was affecting my client.  I have also seen shifts in other’s behavior and self -awareness using this method!

“For the past five months, I had been dealing with a co-worker’s controlling behavior. I had feelings of anxiousness and dread whenever I had to be in her presence.   Dr. Tina uncovered my co-worker’s narcissism. In one session, Dr. Tina was able to resolve this negative situation. A day after our clearing session, I was amazed and grateful! Those feelings of anxiety and dread were replaced with a sense of peace, ease and calmness!   Plus my co-worker is now treating me with respect and consideration. Thank you Dr. Tina!”

 –  Betty K, Phoenix, AZ

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