The Best Gift You Can Give Your Valentine

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Valentine

Would you like a deeper and more connected relationship with your Valentine?

Is your marriage feeling old and stale?

Is it feeling like this?


Valentines day is a perfect time to rekindle your relationship!

No, I’m not peddling sexy underwear, a romantic dinner, or a romantic dinner in sexy underwear!   It’s something that doesn’t have to be found in a store or a fancy restaurant, nor does it require violins or even any money!

What I’m peddling is simple.   Offer your partner a wish.

Here are some examples of wishes that you can offer:

  1. Ask him or her, ” if there was one thing I could do to bring us closer and achieve greater understanding, what would that be? “

If you fear the answer will be negative, read my article on How to Deal with Toxic People first.

  1. Is there a specific task I can either take over or help you with?
  1. Do you have a need in this relationship that is unmet?   How can I fulfill it?

Granting a wish can deepen the relationship and provide discussion for greater understanding. Listen with an open heart and stay connected to your partner’s feelings and needs.

Hopefully your partner will reciprocate.

And if he/she doesn’t offer you a wish?   Don’t be afraid to ask for one!   You can start by saying, “You know what my wish would be? ”

Doing this should help your relationship look like this:


And if you’re single?   Grant yourself a wish!  You deserve it!

Did you grant your partner a wish?  How did it go?  Tell us in the comments below

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