3 Things We Must Have in Place to Find the Love of Your Life!

3 Things We Must Have in Place to Find the Love of Your Life!

Do you feel like you are always single?  Do you wonder how others seem to be able to attract the people they want in their lives?


I confess I used to be terribly envious people who always seemed to be able to be in relationships.   As a person who was single for most of my life, I got very pessimistic about relationships, and the idea of attracting a person I could love felt like a miracle.

But now things are so much easier!   I now know that I have what it takes to attract a healthy relationship, and have the faith and confidence that it’s something that will happen for me.

So what are the 3 things we must have in place to find a healthy relationship? 

1.)     Unconditional love – for yourself! 

If you weren’t granted unconditional love when you needed it the most as a child, you maybe struggling to feel worthy and lovable.

But in order to find a healthy loving relationship, you must radiate a love for yourself.  Not only does it make you more attractive and thus increase your pool of desirable choices, but you are providing an example of how you would like to be treated, and what you will tolerate.  When people see that you love yourself, you empower them to treat you well, that is if they want your love and respect!

The good news is that developing unconditional self love is possible!   If you have the discipline to work at it, here are 6 tips to increase your self-esteem.

But if you are looking for a way to clear that underlying causes that contributed to negative self-worth in the first place, clearing trapped emotions, programmed beliefs, and sabatoge energies using the Emotion and Body code, clears the path for a more healthy relationship with yourself to naturally occur.

2.)     The ability to smile – regularly and often. 

Have you ever noticed that the presence of a negative person in a group can really bring the energy down, while a positive person can really uplift everyone?   If you smile and radiate that positive energy, you’ll attract other happy people that can relate to you.  A person that is happy will notice their drop in energy when hanging out with negative people, and so will tend to seek others that uplift them.

So what does one do if you are struggling with happiness?  Some great places to start include writing a gratitude list, maintaining regular social interactions and exercise.  More details can be found in the in my top 10 tips to fight depression naturally.

But the most effective and easy way, is to clear the underlying causes of unhappiness, whether it’s your emotional baggage or other reasons.

3.)     You must have an open heart

heart wall(new)

Have you noticed that some people seem to really be able to connect with others, and you feel loved just being in their midst?  Many of our pets make us feel this way.  While others (think hardened criminal) seem to have a lot of anger, they maybe insensitive to our feelings or even cruel.  This extreme example is reflection of the heart wall, which is made of trapped emotions that are get trapped around our heart and prevent us from loving… whether its work, hobbies or others.  They were stored there to toughen us, and to protect against further hurt, but they also prevent us from experiencing a passionate life and heart-felt connections.  To learn more about the heart wall, check out my article here, and listen to my interview on Chat with Women here.

Are you interested in finding and sustaining a loving relationship?  Could you use some help in enhancing your self-love, your smile or clearing your heart wall?  If so, I’m here to help.  Check out my program Learn to Love Again, and then schedule a complimentary consultation here.

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