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The glutathione rap:

[haiku url=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/glutathione-rap2.mp4″ title=”Glutathione Rap” graphical=”true”]


If you’re feelin’ kinda old, and mourning what you had
Wish that body exercisin’ didn’t feel so bad
Will those aches and pains ever go away?
Wishing your body was like back in the day!

Have you been in an accident and feel really sore?
Hoping for recovery and yet needing more?
Feelin’ limits in what your body can do?
Wishing it were easier to just be you?

Have you been sick or ill and can’t seem to fight?
A disease or symptoms, with no cure in site?
Wondering if all the drugs are going to set you straight?
Dealing with all the side effects you’ve so come to hate!

What do you need?
What do you need?

When you’re getting’ kinda tired and your energy is down,
Your body may have toxins runin’ round and round,
Or there may be free radicals called oxidative stress,
Bombarding your cells and making a mess!

Free radicals and toxins accumulate with age
They multiply with stressors, a war they wage
With disease, lack of sleep and the air we breathe,
They bump into and damage every cell they seize!

But wait! A protector lives inside the cell!
When we’re young and healthy and feeling well!
Called the master antioxidant because of its power
It quenches free radicals hour by hour

More powerful than antioxidants you get in your diet
And it supports the immune system?  You just gotta try it!
But we lose glutathione year by year
Each year by 3% its no longer here!

What do you need?
What do you need?

If we want a healthy life, we need to make more,
But if we try to take it straight, it doesn’t get absorbed
Scientist have known this and have tried to devise
A way to cross cell membranes, in hopes that it’ll rise!

Little do most know, two docs have done the trick,
Its at Max International®,  you can take your pick!

What do you need?
What do you need?
Mmm hmm….oh yeah!


What is glutathione?

So why do we need a supplement?

While there are natural ways to increase glutathione levels, they have to balance the regular depletion we get from exposure to toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, exhaust fumes and more), stress, lack of sleep, bad diet, disease/illness & aging.  When you take an oral glutathione supplement, it doesn’t get aborbed in the body.

That’s why Drs. Keller and Nagasawa spent years devising strategies to upregulate glutathione.   They developed unique formulations that cross 2 cellular membranes, so that the body will have the precursors necessary to make its own glutathione.    There simply isn’t another method that comes close to raising intracellular glutathione levels by 262% in healthy people over 2 months!

Study showing intracellular glutathione goes up by 262% in healthy people in 2 months:

Want more details of the study?  Click here.

Dr. Oz does a wonderful demonstration of the main function of glutathione:


Want more information about the importance of glutathione?


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Max International® is the only company who’s primary vision is to help people experience the benefits of improved glutathione production.   They use a direct marketing strategy, which means you buy their products from an individual sales representative, not from the company directly.  While I   value the opportunitiesWhy I believe network marketing is a great opportunity for the 99%
Network marketing gives anyone who is interested in distributing a company's products the chance to profit from selling it. It also means that everyone who sells it has the same compensation plan. You get to choose the people you want to work most closely with, your hours, where you work, and it gives you a great opportunity to develop skills in leadership. While I think this is a fantastic model, in practice the way network marketing has been done in the past has not benefited everyone involved. But network marketing is evolving, and if you choose the right company, the right team, if you capitalize on resources both within and beyond your company, and you are determined to succeed, you can. Those same qualities are important in any job you choose! It's a far more empowering option than working at a minimum wage job where conditions are often difficult, where you have very little control over your work hours, who you work with, or how you are treated. So please consider buying from your friends and people you meet. You are supporting them, and less money is going to big national corporate giants (a.k.a the 1%).
that direct selling (a.k.a. network marketing) provides, I recognize that this approach makes makes some people uncomfortable.  Please consider that by doing so you are supporting the people who are doing the selling, and this results in more even distribution of our wealth across society.

Try one of their products!  The health benefits will speak for themselves!

Once you experience the health benefits of glutathione enhancement, you could consider becoming a sales representative yourself.

Have questions about the products or need help choosing one?    Contact me!

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