What a Typical Session is Like

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In preparation for the session:

Sessions are be conducted either online, in person in Lake Forest Park or in Bothell on Mondays.

If you come to my space in Lake Forest Park, my cat, Tuk Tuk might welcome you.

You will need to have plenty of water, as energy work requires us to be well hydrated for things to work effectively.

I will request that you silence your phone for the duration of the session.

Here are the commitments I make to you when you work with me.


During the session:

We will discuss what you wish to focus on for the session.  Then, with your permission, we will ask your subconscious about underlying causes that are contributing to your concerns.

Sometimes the underlying causes can be directly found by using the Body Code.  Sometimes I have to ask questions based on my education in neuroscience, molecular biology, or functional medicine.  Sometimes the underlying causes are due to metaphysical reasons that must be addressed.  Sometimes a problem can have layers of underlying causes that need to be addressed before the problem goes away.

As long as I ask the right questions, the subconscious will guide me to the underlying cause.   It’s very rare when the subconscious doesn’t have an answer, but it can happen if a.) the problem is new or b.) there is no global solution to address the issue.

If there is another therapy that is better for addressing this issue, I will be able to refer you to the right person.

If a change in habit or environment needs to occur, the subconscious will tell us what needs to be changed and how.  If habit change is hard, we can release barriers to making it easy.

Often the underlying causes are due to an accumulation of underlying imbalances collected over a lifetime, and inherited epigenetically.

We will systematically identify and release underlying imbalances using the Body Code or Emotion Code, until there is no more to release.    Usually after doing this, the problem is gone.

What it's like to release imbalances

We use a technique from energy medicine to release underlying imbalances. This may or may not involved the use of a magnet. Once in awhile, I have a client that has physical sensations when we release each imbalance. These physical sensations might be a tingling or warmth. Noone has found the sensations troubling. Most clients however, do not notice anything immediately.

Sometimes the body might temporarily reach a point where it can’t find any more imbalances, but in the next session, the problem hasn’t completely changed.  Usually this is because there are more imbalances that the body wasn’t able to identify in the first round.  This is often sufficient to resolve the problem.

Sometimes we can work through a few issues in one session.  Sometimes it takes several sessions to get through one issue.   How fast we progress depends on your lifetime and inherited accumulation of imbalances.


When the Body Code doesn’t seem to work:

I’ve had incredible success with 90-95% of the problems I’ve been asked to address.  If however, a client does not commit to enough sessions to clear the underlying imbalances that are contributing to a problem, clients may not notice a benefit.

Depending on the client and the issue:

About 10% of clients notice clear changes after 1 session.

About 40% of clients notice a subtle change after 1 session, but aren’t entirely convinced that its the work we’ve done together.  (From experience, I know it usually is.)

About 95% of clients notice a clear benefit or resolution of the issue by the 3rd session.

My ability to help you quickly is largely due to your personal and inherited accumulation of imbalances as well as the nature of the problem.

I have a pricing strategy that makes it easier for clients to choose long term solutions if needed.


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