The Power of Addressing the Metaphysical Causes

The Power of Addressing the Metaphysical Causes

My new client came to me with a list of concerns he wanted to address. As I customarily do, I ask if he’d like to me to ask his subconscious where to start. He agreed, and when I did, I got that we needed to address pain, which was not on his list! When I asked him about it, he said, oh yes, with my MS (multiple sclerosis), I have regular back, neck and shoulder pain.  His lower back pain could be so bad that sometimes he couldn’t get out of bed for over 10 minutes! He rated the pain as a 8.5/10! When I asked him when he hadn’t put it on his list, he said, that it has become such a normal part of his life, that he had just accepted it as a part of who he had become!

He agreed to let me proceed, and as I often find with clients with autoimmune conditions, there was a metaphysical question underlying the pain that needed to be addressed.

What is a metaphysical question?

The Chinese believe that every organ has its own issues and agenda. Similarly, our body can have a subconscious agenda that is very different from our conscious intentions. If our body isn’t aligned with healing, then it will find a way to sabotage our efforts.

What is your achilles heel?Our body stores issues from our ancestral trauma and from our own life stories. It can store the trauma in the form of pain in different parts of our bodies. In other words, it stores issues in our tissues.  We know this intuitively from our language, like “Susan is a pain in the neck”, or “Joe is a pain in the butt”, or “Kryptonite was Superman’s Achilles heel”. If you have pain that just won’t stay away, you should address the metaphysical underpinnings so that the body can heal!

Metaphysical questions can also undermine healing with chronic diseases. With Alzheimer’s disease, an example of a metaphysical question might be, “ *What part of life do I no longer want to see or know about?”. For breast cancer a common metaphysical question is, “ Who do I need to forgive for convincing me I would not be a good mother?”. I regularly find with my clients with autoimmune disease that there are metaphysical reasons for why the body is attacking its own tissues.

A Metaphysical Reason for Low Back Pain

For my client with MS, the question we needed to address for his lower back pain was, “What will it take to stop longing for love from those who are not able to give it?”

longing for loveOnce I told him this, I could see by the tears that he was fighting back, how strongly he resonated with this question. Chasing after love from people who couldn’t give it was a lifelong pattern for him!

In the few minutes I had interacted with him, I had already seen an insecurity with people that I resonated with from my past. This was especially pronounced when he called his teenage son to ask him to do him a favor. He approached his son in a way that exhibited that he didn’t want to trouble his son. He was very apologetic and acted as if he didn’t feel worthy his minor request.

So I worked to release the underlying emotions, beliefs and other energies that contributed to this pattern. We found contributing energetic imbalances in multiple ancestors that went back up to 4 generations.

The Shift

At the end of the sessions, he looked at me with confidence and thanked me. That awkwardness and insecurity I had sensed when I met him just 45 minutes ago was completely gone! I sensed that this new way of being would affect all of his relationships.

When I asked him a few days later how he was doing, he said, “I did not realize how much I had been adapting my daily activities around lower back pain. It’s simply not there any more!” He went on to say, “What I’m experiencing is not just pain relief. It’s a total absence of pain or discomfort. As if it never were an issue. It’s wonderful!”.

father and son sitting side by side in car. Dad is confident!There have been other indicators of his shift since then.  A couple weeks later, he told me that his teenage son sat in the car next to him for the first time!  His pattern before had always been to sit in the back!  Another day he told me that he was taking care of a Chiwawa for a friend. He said that the dog took to him instantly and followed him everywhere! Dogs are attracted to those who exhibit the quiet confident energy of leadership! That is how much my client’s energy had shifted!

Have you Addressed Your Metaphysical Reasons for Pain or Illness?

So if you have a nagging pain or chronic condition that won’t go away, consider addressing the issues in your tissues.  Releasing your body’s subconscious traumas can have profound effects on your ability to heal. If you’d like help identifying and releasing the metaphysical reasons that prevent you from healing, contact me here to set up a complimentary consultation.

* Examples of metaphysical questions are from The Healing Questions Guide by Wendi Jensen.

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