How to Feel Beautiful From the Inside Out

How to Feel Beautiful From the Inside Out

I had a client who was by most standards so beautiful that she probably could have been a professional model if she had wanted to.  And yet, she was constantly criticizing her looks!   She couldn’t be persuaded by other people’s positive feedback.  All she could see were the things that she didn’t like.  And her criticisms were things that I would have never noticed if she hadn’t pointed them out, nor did I  agreed that they made her unattractive!

After clearing her addictive negative thoughts belief systems and emotions about her looks, I asked her to go look in the mirror and tell me what she saw.   She came back out and bashfully said, “I’m beautiful now!”

I never heard her criticize her looks again!

feeling beautifulI’ve helped many clients let go of their negative self-image.  The relief they feel after realizing that they have been their own worst enemy for decades is incredible!

For many, looking in the mirror had been torture, and now they are finally starting to fall in love with themselves!  I know this because I experienced this transformation myself!

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