A Tale of Issues in our Tissues

A Tale of Issues in our Tissues

A client came to me because he wanted to address his difficulty in speaking his mind with his loved ones, when they were angry with him.  He was also experiencing a lot of dizziness.

I told him that I was being guided to address the dizziness first.  I discovered what the Chinese call a “liver blood deficiency”, and I released the imbalances that were driving that.

Then, like with most other physical conditions, I found out that I had to help him address a metaphysical question.

What is a metaphysical question?

It’s not “All in your head”

I like to call it “issues in your tissues”.  It’s something that you are struggling with that needs to be addressed before you can heal from the physical issue.   It shows up in most chronic illnesses and many symptoms as well.  And, releasing the metaphysical question that underlies the chronic condition can be powerful!

When explaining this to clients, I always let them know that 1.) it’s very common to have “issues in your tissues” and I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone had them. 2.) it’s nothing to be guilty or ashamed of.  I tell them, it is not their fault, and it is not an indication of weakness or defectiveness on their part. 3.)  And much of the issues in our tissues often come from our ancestor’s negative experiences.

But, once we are aware of them, we need to release them to heal!

What needed to be released

The question that was causing his dizziness was, “What will it take for me to stand up to the Monster/Goliath I do not want to see?”

We had to release all the guilt, worry and concerns about speaking up, that had been passed down to him from his ancestors.

A particularly interesting set of beliefs came from his great grandfather from China.

Chinese opium smokers

For 2 centuries, the West forced China to open their borders to opium, causing massive problems with addiction.

From the late 17th century until 1950, first the British and then other Western countries exported opium into China to correct a trade deficit.  The Chinese government repeatedly tried to resist it’s imports, but due to loosing the 2 opium wars, China was forced to open up 5 ports, to hand over Hong Kong, and trade even more with the Westerners, and thus import more opium.  As more and more Chinese became addicted, it undermined their social fabric, and had a horrible effect on their economy.

The belief from his great grandfather was that the Chinese aren’t able to speak their minds, and  “Westerner’s won’t stop pushing their opium”.

I wonder how many other Chinese struggle with speaking their truth partly because of their history of the forced opium trade by Westerners!

After releasing this metaphysical question, he found it easier to speak up!  And his dizziness decreased!

Transformation comes from addressing inherited influences

This is a great example of how our mental health is intimately linked to our physical health!  It also demonstrates how historical events and experiences can shape future generations.  When our ancestors experience traumatic events, they don’t intentionally share these trauma stories with their offspring.   The trauma is stored epigenetically and passed down to future generations.

This is why so many African Americans and Native Americans struggle so much.  They have generations of trauma that they’ve not had the chance, or the ability to heal.  Yes, there are exceptions, and much of it is dependent on much how their ancestors were treated, and whether they had opportunities for economic advancement.

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